Monday, July 29, 2013

Dog Treat Training Kit

A very dear friend had her birthday a week and a half ago and I instantly knew what I wanted to make her despite the fact that I had no time to make it. As she's just moved her dog to come live with her here in Malta the decision was simple:  A dog treat kit!

I know there are ton of different belts out there that you can buy, but they all have something about them that I don't like. To few pockets or too small pockets and you always need to bring the whole big belt with you, which might not always be ideal. So I decided to make little separate belt pouches for her that she could combine as she liked.

The big drawstring baggy gave me a little trouble. I thought for sure that there had to be a pattern out there easily accessible but when no such where to be found, I designed my own version based on the chalk bags we hang around our waists when we go rock climbing. I think it turned out really well! =) 

The little zippered pockets came together quickly and they have sturdy belt loops on the back. 

I think she really likes her kit as I've already seen her use it a lot! =)


  1. Så fyndigt av dig att sy dessa presenter och så fina dom är.Säkert en mycket glad hundägare som tar emot dem.
    Kram Gudrun

  2. Bra jobbat, Bia! Perfekt att göra i icke-lättsmutsat-tyg!

  3. En südan kanonidé!! Fint dessutom./Pirjo

    som ligger i Brunsbuttel/Tyskland. Det kom in en svensk büt just. Ligger bredvid oss. Han ska skeppa sin büt till Malta :o)

    Kram och ha det sü bra!!!

  4. This looks great! Thank you for the inspiration. I love the idea of the individual pouches and might try to make something similar myself.

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  7. Do you sell these?

    1. Thank you for your interest in my little kit! =D

      But I'm afraid I don't have the time to sew commissions (or even sew sadly) right now.


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