Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jewelry Travel Bag

My mother makes the most adorable travel bags for jewelry. They're super handy and such a fun design that I of course had to make her show me how to make them at the quilting retreat - so we made one each =)

The chubby little "bar" can be detached at one side with velcro and is for storing ones rings. The lace hanger for earrings was my own addition (as I don't have many rings) and it too can be detached for easy handling on one side with velcro. I also love the touch of whimsy it gets from using different colored zipper tabs ^^ 

The pattern is called "Sew Together Bag" and is available on Craftsy. This is such a handy design, thanks a lot mom for showing me how to make it! <3 

Stash Update

I have also received the Stash Stack Club package for May (June appears to still be out travelling with the mail, hope to get it soon as I'm super excited about my greys ^^ ) which contained of lovely reds. My favorite this month has to be  Beatrice Weave which is the top one in the photo. They are making some small changes to this years stash club, instead of August being Navy this year, it will be included in the blues and instead we will get Low Volume prints next months which I'm totally excited about! =D

I'm also still working hard on my pattern for the Bia Bag, however, work got in the way and I'm about a week behind on my schedule, but it's still in the works - so please don't loose hope! =)


  1. that is very handy and super trendy too!

  2. The jewelry case looks really personal and handy! It would be fun to make - I suppose there isn't any pattern available anywhere... :)

  3. Hi, Maria. This is such a great idea and so cute! I'm going to have to figure out how to make myself one!
    best from Tunisia,

  4. Hi...this case is beautiful. Is there a pattern for it?

    1. Thank you! The base for the cases are a pattern called "Sew Together Bag" available on Craftsy my mother told me. =)
      She just shortened it a little to make it more suitable size wise for jewelry and travel and add the little hangers for rings and earrings with velcro. =)


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