Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Stash = Stash Stack Club!

Today my first shipment of Stash builders arrived from Pink Castle Fabrics and I couldn't be happier! Such lovely fabrics and such a wide range! My favourites are the one at the top and the criss cross one second from the right, so pretty!

I'm a huge fan of Jeni from In Color Order,  I love her work and her amazingly inspiring blog. I've been following her Art of Choosing series rigorously and I've really been trying to learn how to stash smartly as nearly all the fabric in my teeny tiny stash are impossible to use - as I had no clue what I was doing back when I bought them. =)

So when she announced the Stash Stack Club which she and Pink Castle Fabrics where organizing I immediately knew I wanted to take part, oh so badly! However, the issue was Malta and their darn customs, it's a whole issue that can takes days and numerous visits to the post parcel office (which is located in a desolate spot on the island so I have to take a taxi there making it very costly too) to get the things one has ordered and paid for. Luckily the awesome people at Pink Castle allowed me to do a test month which went splendidly as they'd packed the shipment flat enough to go directly in my mailbox and I didn't have to go to the customs office at all! Thanks a lot and I can't wait for the next months shipment! =)


Castle Fabrics

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