Friday, July 27, 2012

I love Panduro Hobby!

Especially when they're selling gorgeous Tilda Fabrics at 50% discount! When I was in Sweden for the quilt retreat they had summer sales and lucky me managed to score some beautiful Tilda fabric and various tools and notions at 50% off. Made for a very happy Maria, especially when you look at the adorable color matching pom poms! Seriously, how cute are they? Bought ½ yard of each fabric except for the greens where they only had one of each FQ left.

I also found some adorable cotton lace, intended for scrapbooking but I'm sure it will work lovely in sewing projects too. ^^

And this is such an adorable little eyelet puncher and the most teeny tiny eyelets in such adorable colors! Can't wait to try to include these in some projects!

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  1. De är så söta alla dina små inköp, tycker jag! Tygerna är ju bara så läckra, de små pom pom banden är bedårande, spetsarna kan man se hur fina de kommer att bli mellan två tyger, kanske och sedan den väldigt lilla håltagaren. Jag är alldeles säker på att snart har du trollat fram något alldeles särdeles vackert ur detta. Nu ska jag också få lite tid att sy igen för nu är det äntligen, semester!!!!:-)
    Massor med kramisar


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