Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back from this years quilting retreat!

So I've been to Sweden for 10 days for my yearly "computer free week and quilt retreat for sanity" =) And it was lovely as always, the ladies  there (some new and others I now met for the 6th year in a row) are some of the most amazing ones I know and I couldn't be prouder to call them my friends. <3<3<3

We've had a wonderful week with lot's of laughs, good food, good wine and lot's and lots of sewing time. I think one of the the best things is that you can open up a discussion about fabric selection and suddenly have >5 people helping you, and all of them actually being equally interested as you are in the selections for your quilt.

I'll be showing you my own creations and acquisitions when I have some spare time to photograph them properly but as it is I'm lucky enough to have my sister visiting for a week and I want to spend all my non working time with her (sneaking in this post while she's in the shower ^^).

Here's some of the photos and this years beautiful creations, sadly many of my photos where very poor quality due to them being taken with my compact and didn't make the cut. 

Adorable Emma was cutting from a sitting position this year due to her being pregnant. But you'd never know that with the speed she was producing beautiful things! I wish you the best of luck with everything sweet!

 Emmas creations, just look at the adorable little baby booties!

Awesome Fia and her simply gorgeous jeans bag!  I want one so badly!

My hands down favorite creation this year,  Maggans absolutely stunning applique quilt! I love everything about it, from the amazingly selected colors, to the pretty choice of applique flower to the insane piecing accuracy. Wow!

 Closeup of one of the  gorgeous applique flowers. Maggans attention to detail is just beyond me, fantastic!

My fantastic mothers adorable phone and earphones cases. I got so inspired I had to make my own right away! ^^  I don't want to blog about the other pretty things she created as I'm hoping she will will do that herself. You can read her blog here: Evas Syrum, it's in Swedish but Google translate works quite well and you can always just look at the pretty pictures she's always sharing if not =)

One of the amazing Anki's many, many gorgeous creations, she's just as sweet as the colors of this quilt top. Thanks for everything Anki, from teachings, to laughs, to endless patience and gifts! <3 In her case you can also see more of her creations on her Swedish blog here: Kinnas Sy

 Ursula making adorable little mug rugs! Also here I got so inspired I had to buy fabric to make my own =)

Some of Ursulas simply beautiful creations, the interesting thing is that "she really doesn't like to sew" ^^ This was her first year at the quilt retreat but it really felt like she'd been there every year as she fit right in with the rest of us crazies. ^^

 Fia's adorable little vanity case for her daughter.

And a blurry pic of "our corner", it's because there was always so much activity there ^^

I miss everyone already! Thanks for a fantastic week everyone!


  1. You´ve said it all in a perfect mix over the happy feeling it brings looking at your pics.
    Your last words says it all: I miss everyone already!
    Million of hugs!

  2. Thanks Bia...for being such a good company during this week....and as you say.....I miss you all too....


    1. Thank you sweet! I had such a blast! =)

      *lots of hugs*

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