Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I've been working on for so long =)

I was thinking that maybe a few of you could be curious about what I've been working on lately that has been keeping me from all crafty stuff and other less important things - like sleep - lately =)

It's a brand new game finally ready for reveal, introducing:

Me and my fiance are web game developers and this particular new game is super cute and fun if you ask me! It's made for Facebook and it is, to quote my own clever description from the front page:

An exciting new pet game focused on genetics and breeding! In OviPets, you and your friends will be able to research new species, splice eggs with new mutations which can then be passed on to their offspring along with their colors and other genetic traits, and raise and care for pets in all the colors of the rainbow. What will you research?

Aren't the Draconis cute?! I just love this breed! Our artist is just fantastic!

It's tied with the Felines as my favorite I think...

If you where to check it out OviPets  now though - please keep in mind that it's still in beta (meaning not completely finished) and only made for the newest browsers out there, so update your browser to the latest version (IE 9, Firefox 6 etc.) before paying us a visit.

While this game is a little like quilting in the sense that you get to play with colors and how they combine, and you can add and remove genes such as wings/tails/manes etc, upload your own patterns on the pets in the shape of tattoos and such I bet most of you are wondering when in heavens name this blog is going to go back to showing off some crafty stuff and hopefully giving some inspiration, the answer is: Any day now ^^

You'll find out what my little preview from a while back is from in a few days I promise, and it's a new tutorial to boot =) And after that I'm hoping to have our new game under control and have some time to quilt and craft again.

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  1. Kul att se vad ni har som "födkrok". Söta små figurer...gillar missarna bäst :o)


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