Monday, September 5, 2011

A blush version of Summer Squares

I got an email today from Krista who has made her own version of Summer Squares, it's just lovely and made with  Blush by Basic Grey. The little bird is just adorable! 

The photo below is borrowed from her blog with her permission.

So much fun that you choose to make my pattern Krista and thank you for letting me show off your adorable quilt! =D


I also thought I'd show you what's been attached to my desk for a few weeks while getting nowhere... I started on this sami bracelet in July I think to go with my summer clothes and let's just say I haven't gotten anywhere since then. So I figured if I show it off here, I have to finish it soon (if I just get a few hours of no work it should be done depending on how much decorations I decide to go with) and maybe I could get some input. 

What do you think? Silver or Pink background? Or maybe no background? Should I attach some twirled pewter or maybe some simple braids to the sides? Or leave it alone? 

Any input is much appreciated, I'm leaning towards pink background and a twirl on each side... =)

In case you want to make your own, it's the same macramé technique used as for the bracelet in my tutorial here but with four strands. Just be careful to keep them flat and don't let them spin around each other as you go. 


  1. Jag håller med du! Rosa bakgrund och bara den lilla "snurran" på sidorna, annars kommer det nog att kännas lite "tung"!

  2. Kul att ditt mönster har sytts av...häftigt med den "pudriga" färgskalan.


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