Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thinking of you...

I really do dearest readers and I feel bad when nothing has been happening on the blog for so long. However, it's hopefully only going to get better from here as our beta testing of OviPets is going great. =)

I'm really happy to have shared the Fancy Folded Star tutorial with you all to show you I'm not completely out of the loop and I'm absolutely blown away by the fantastic response it's received on Moda Bakeshop! Thank you all for your heartwarming comments, I couldn't be happier and I just hope that you all dare to try making this super fun project!

While on the topic of "Thinking Of You", I've also started working on one of the beautiful patterns I won from Kellie a while back named the very same thing, it's moving slowly but at least it's moving =)

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  1. Hej älskling! Long time, no talk! Kul pyssel du håller på med - ska bli jätteroligt att se vad slutresultatet blir. Kan bara bli bra med tanke på utgångspunkten.
    Tusen kramisar


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