Sunday, August 28, 2011

New header

While waiting for stuff to upload when working or just grabbing a 5 minute break for sanity (such as my little fabric therapy session the other day) I realized that my blog really needed the little face lift I've been trying give it for some time. While I loved my banner with Edward on it, I felt that I could finally move on and change it now without feeling like I was doing something bad - it was a major step for me. =)

So I started fiddling about during my mini breaks and looking around for blog designs I liked, and I ended up on a bunch of digital scrap booking pages. While many of them where lovely, though maybe a touch to busy for me, they had lots of interesting ideas and elements I really liked. I found lot's of lovely free stuff one could use and ended up with what you see now after many mini breaks.  It's mostly basic Photoshop shapes and a few scrapbboking embellishments.

And while I was at it, I also made a little post divider. I'd love to hear what you think about my new style! =)


I also have to show you this little adorable fellow who accidentally ended up in my sink the other day. He was hiding in a pot which I took inside to water (since I'd forgotten all about my poor plants in the last week of work) and as I turn on the tap - up shoots this little guy! Luckily Andreas caught him quickly and I snapped a few quick photos before we let him back out on the balcony in a separate, dry pot =)


  1. Den är känns verkligen ny och fräsch och kul när du har ramat in dina quiltar med "sydda" kanter. Och sedan är ju "lady Di" med på ett hörn också! Fräsiga "delare" du har hittat på, tycker jag. Det blev lite lättsammare, kanske!
    Tusen kramisar


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