Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chameleon walking by....

Chameleons are some of my favourite animals! I just love them - and let's face it - what's not to love? Their adorable little feet? Their long tongues? Their cool eyes? The ability to change color?  Nope, all pure love =D

So when I saw Annas beautiful lizard quilt I immediately thought CHAMELEONS! And that's what I've been up to lately with my Bali Pop - Grasshopper, but since I couldn't find any suitable artwork of chameleons that looks like the ones we have here in Malta - I had to draw my own which presented some difficulty but I think that the final result is absolutely satisfying. =)

Here's me and a chameleon we found outside Maltas old capital city Mdina a couple of years ago so you'll see what I mean, most artwork are of the more fancy looking, rainforest type chameleons. I don't have any recent chameleon pictures, they're sadly getting rarer and rarer here :(

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  1. Hjälp, vad söt den är! Lyckost dig som kan se dem i verkligheten. En första titt på din kameleont-quilt visar att du kommer att lyckas till fullo - igen!!


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