Sunday, November 7, 2010

The house and our hearts are empty....

Our best friend, our baby, our amazing kitty Edward (GIC S*Räserråttans Gustav, NFO) went to heaven on Monday and we've been completely destroyed here at home. I can't with words describe how much he meant to us, what an important part of our lives he was and how it feels like someone cut out a piece of our hearts that day.

I thought he didn't seem his usual active self on Friday morning so I immediately checked his mucous membranes and they did seem a hint of yellow. I panicked and we called the vet and went there in the afternoon. Sadly our worst fears where realized and he had gotten back the liver infection he had suffered from two years back which he only barely made it through after a year of fighting. This time his liver however was to scarred to even have a chance to take care of the infection. On Monday, only three days after we first discovered he was ill we had to make the most difficult decision of our lives and let him go as he didn't fight at all this time.

We however got two extra years with him from his unwillingness to give up last time and we're so grateful for that. He was so special, he loved his life, his family, every other living creature on the planet and he's in his days made friends with everything from other cats, to dogs, our friends and so on. I've never met a more grateful cat, if we bought him anything from a cat tree to a blanket or a toy he'd love it, he'd sleep in it, play with it and really cherish it in a way I've never seen a cat do. He was no ordinary cat and will always be remembered by us and others who's lives he's touched, the judges on all the cat shows he's been to and won by his gigantic size, amazing temperament, and gentle soul and by the fantastic kittens he got with beautiful S*Wildwood's Repris:

You'll live forever in our hearts lilla plogen and one day we'll meet again! <3


  1. Det var sorgligt att läsa om er älskade katts bortgång.

  2. Ja fy det har varit så hemskt alltihopa, så orättvist att han bara fick bli 6 år gammal när han var en sån underbar kille :(


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