Sunday, November 14, 2010

My new telephone needed a cover

I just got a new phone, a HTC Desire HD which is a really awesome phone. I can work from it and it really makes my life a lot easier. That and the fact that my old phone (and I'm talking ancient, inherited Sony Ericsson here *lol*)  gave up about two months back this was such a relief that my new one finally arrived! That and it's so much fun to finally be one of the cool kids with a smartphone =)

But since it's one huge phone I couldn't find any telephone covers that would fit it so I decided to make my own, very simple just two rectangles sewn together with a little thin batting and a hand sew on binding. I got to try my new, iron on, super thin batting from vlieseline, which was fun, I'm quite happy with it, perfect for small projects.

Front with phone in:


  1. Grattis till ny telefon. Det söta kattyget känner jag igen. Kan det vara köpt hos Mia tro :o) Vad fint det blev som mobilfodral.

  2. Tack! Jepp, kattyget är givetvis köpt hos Mia =)

    Telefonen var hett efterlängtad, men inser inte hur van man är att kunna ringa närsomhelst förens man inte kan.


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