Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I finally got my fabric from the US!

My faked document worked great with a new customs officer despite the one from last time trying to mess things up for me, I couldn't believe his nerve when he walked in and tried to unclear my cleared items... Luckily neither could the other officer so some interesting, not very nice sounding Maltese conversation took place while the nice officer waved at me to sneak out with my things *lol*

So yesterday I finally got to bring home my fabric from fatquartershop.com! Work has been more then a little crazy lately through and I wouldn't have had much time to sew anyway until now to be honest.

It was the most amazing feeling to open up the package and actually get to take it out, see the fabrics I'd dreamed of for so long after seeing them around the net! It was amazing! It is so much fun to have so many different fabrics that match so nicely, and not to mention how fantastically fun it is to not have to spend so much cutting! My left hand always hurt when I cut so this is so great.

My box of pure happy:

As you can see, there's a couple of jelly rolls (how I ever will be able to make myself unroll them I don't know, gosh they're so pretty tied up!) and a little non Christmas yardage hiding in there too, what will become of that I'll tell you later ^^ Now I have to get back to my Christmas project, more on that tomorrow, but I can tell you I just had to start straight away:

If you wonder why my cords to the sewing machine is covered in froggy flannel, it's because Diana chews cords so I have to cover them up XD


  1. Åh, älskling vilken underbar "godiskartong" du äntligen fick hem! Nu förstår jag hur mycket du har längtat. Tur att du har haft en del annat att göra, i din väntans period, menar jag. Ser verkligen fram emot att få se vad som komma skall.
    När kommer översättningsmöjligheten?
    Tusen kramisar, mor

  2. Ja den är verkligen fantastisk! Har redan börjat på mitt ena projekt =)

    Har kollat på detta med översättning men tyvärr är det helt hopplöst att översätta från engelska till svenska, det blir bara en oförståelig röra. så jag vill inte lägga in det på sidan.

    Men man kan alltid bara använda: http://translate.google.com/#en|sv|

    Kramar i massor


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