Saturday, October 2, 2010

A little sad today :(

My sewing machine is about to give up I think...
He's been having issues with thread tension for quite some time but he's always bounced back and while never giving exactly perfect seams he's never failed me completely. He is a Husqvarna Emerald 116 wich I got on my 19th (I think?) birthday so he has a few years in his luggage. The move to Malta from Sweden wasn't exactly in his best interest either and I can tell that the humidity is really tough on him. The last few days however he's been giving up and I can't get him to bounce back. I'll be taking him to the center of the island on Monday to see if the man with the Husquarna boutique there can help us. :(
I'm feeling all crippled, not being able to sew....

Fight little Emerald, fight!


  1. Oh, no! He needs to see a doctor! You must have a healthy machine so you can keep creating. (I need to take mine in, too; my bobbin has been giving me trouble.)

  2. Thank you for commenting! =)
    We have an appointment with the doctor today luckily, I really hope he'll be able to help because I think I'm still quite far away from convincing my fiance that he really needs to let me invest in a Janome Horizon...

    Best of luck with your "baby" too =)


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