Sunday, January 24, 2021

Bergen Bag Parade - By Sofia of TråKärlek

I have an absolutely fantastic friend I'd like to introduce you all to: Her name is Trå Sofia of TråKärlek and she is an inspiration to me like no other! I wish I had but 1/10 of her energy and focus! She's nowadays one of my pattern testers and I couldn't be more grateful for the job she does, the thorough testing she gives my designs is invaluable. And all the beautiful bags she makes! 

Seriously, it's absolutely amazing! She doesn't sew to sell like one would think when one sees her production, she sews for herself, and as gifts for friends and family. Let me share with you some of her absolutely amazing, beautiful Bergen Bags.

The Bergen Bag pattern is available in English and Swedish, and comes with both inch and centimeter measurements. 

This unicorn Bergen Bag is one of my all time favorites, it's just soo beautiful! And look at the details, like the super cute hearts in the lining! She has also made it slightly higher than the the original pattern calls for and it gives a lovely look and more room!

This beauty is standard size. The cotton or woven fabrics and panels are from a lot of different places, but all vinyls for in these bags comes from my parents store Borlange Sycentrum

These three she made for her ice dancing teacher colleagues, aren't they adorable!? They are also slightly higher than the original pattern to allow the pretty panel to fit. 

These two gorgeous versions are made in a fabric that's very traditional for the area of Sweden both me and Sofia is from, Dalarna. So are the lovely woven bands she has incorporated in the lining of these bags - making them extra special to me. 

Love how the woven band returns in the lining of the zipper pocket! Such a beautiful detail!

Up next is this romantic flowery stunner!

And as a little break in the romantic and soft colors we have this rocking blue and orange one!

This pink stunner is right up my alley!

Love the extra slip pockets she's added outside the zipper pocket!

Another of my absolute favourites, Bleeding Heart, or Löjtnatshjärta as it's called in Swedish is a flower my mother grew outside our first home when I was a child, it'll always have a special place in my heart. As will this gorgeous Bergen Bag

Ohh this pink one is just so insanely pretty! This one has also been given a few extra inches on the height to be able to fit more things. 

This zipper choice is just sooo epic! 

This green and pink one is just to die for I think! Seriously so stunning!

This woven vinyl black beauty is just so darn cool!

This green, furniture fabric one is just so stylish!

And last but not least, this drop dead gorgeous white and gold heart one! Sooooo pretty! Love it soo much! 

The hearts continue all the way in! Such a happy, loving lining!

But she doesn't just sew bags, when I met her a couple of years ago she'd never sewn a bag in her life! 
She sewed clothes for herself and her family of course, but she also sews clothing for premature babies that she gifts to neonatal units around Sweden. So that when people are ready to bring their early arrival little miracle home, there's an adorable set of clothing available for them in a size that fits their baby - to bring the little one home in. I can't imagine how much this must mean to these parents. A small sample of her adorable, teeny tiny works below. 

Stay awesome Sofia and thank you for everything! 


  1. What a beautiful assortment of bags and baby clothes. She is clearly a kind lady so it doesn't surprise me that you two are friends. Love this blog. Thank you Maria for bringing it to us. Love Di x

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