Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Beginner Bag - FREE pattern release!

I'm super excited to finally be able to offer the perfect bag pattern for all you beginner bagmakers out there! The Beginner Bag is the perfect bag to start your bag making journey! It's made with the absolute novice bag maker in mind and has in depth explanations of everything from fusing interfacing to zipper installation. It's available for FREE for all members of my Facebook Group, feel free to join for the pattern!

The pattern has been tested and tweaked with a team of complete novice to advanced beginner bagmakers, this alongside my normal pattern testing team to ensure it's super easy to understand and follow. This pattern comes with both inch and centimeter measurements and is availiable in both English and Swedish.

It has a zipper top closure, is fully lined and has open slip pockets. And it looks equally great in cotton fabric as in vinyls, as you can see below for the silvery cotton one. 

But this bag isn't just for the beginner! The simple but stylish design makes it perfect for production sewing or just letting one's creativity run wild. 

It's also perfect for sewing with panels, as you easily adjust the size of the bag to the size of the panel. It can be made any size you wish, instructions for how to easily adjust the size is in the pattern. It makes a super cute makeup bag if made smaller, or the perfect beach tote if made in a bigger size.  Here my pattern tester Helena Halvar Tall, made a beautiful set with a standard size and a small makeup bag version. She's added a little fabric panel edged by lace edged by quilting. So pretty!

The interior is simple slip pockets, but as you gain confidence you can naturally add zipper pockets or other cool additions as you please. 

You can easily kick it up a notch by adding my rolled bag handles like my pattern tester Jennifer Hilburn Spears have done here for a very elegant look. Adding little details like a tassel like she's done, really brings it to a different level! Link to the Rolled Handle YouTube tutorial is in the pattern.

~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ ♥ ~~~~~~~~ 

My fantastic pattern testers were awesome as ever and tested the pattern for me, alongside the awesome group of beginner bag makers - and just look at all the gorgeous Beginner Bags that were sewn! A sincere thank you goes out to each and everyone one of you for helping me make each new pattern -  into my best pattern yet! 

I'm so very grateful for all your help and hard work!

Liselotte - Made two gorgeous versions, one in vinyl that she quilted in such a cool pattern, with beautiful rolled bag handles, and one lovely mocha version that she also quilted. 

Helena Halvar Tall
 - Whom can be found here on instagram made these two gorgeous panelled versions. One in original size, and a smaller one that fits in the larger one.  

Annette - Made this absolutely lovely 3D vinyl version accented by a lovely black tassle!

Barbara Dörig - Whom can be found here on instagram made a super cool, dry oilskin version.

Hemasis - Who's website is available here made an awesome, quilted zebra vinyl version! 

Jennie Backlund - Whom can be found here on instagram made an adorable cat version.

Hanna Levin - Made a gorgeous, ultra cute pink pony one! 

Julia Willman - Made not one but two beautiful vinyl versions! One soft pink and a lovely, fresh white.

Laura Downs - whom can be found here on Instagram made a lovely, glitter vinyl version. 

Lori Peoples - made a beautiful fall coloured version quilted along the fabrics patterns.

Cissi - made this lovely blue vinyl and rainbow quilted version.

J Spears Design - Whom can be found here on instagram made this lovely quilted version with rolled handles.

Caroline Karlsson - Made these two beautiful versions, one straight line quilted standard size and one edited with an extra wide bottom to be used for lunchboxes for her mother, such a lovely idea!

Eva Halvarsson - of Borlänge Sycentrum made this gorgeous, quilted cotton and linen version!

Marybeth Haberman- of MB's Sew Crafty made this awesome quilted cotton version!

Ann Munthe Svensson - Made this beautiful, quilted grey vinyl version.

Sofia Nilsson - of TRÅkärlek whom can be found here on Instagram and here on Facebook, made this lovely turquoise, straight line quilted vinyl version with rolled handles. 


  1. All these bags are so beautiful! Wonderful job!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you like them! I'm so impressed with my testers amazing work! =D


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