Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tutorial - Simple Katarina Bracelet

I'm making a tutorial to teach you all how to make your own, simple Sami Bracelet, it's really not very difficult, mostly just requires a bit of patience ^^ This tutorial is perfect for use with my Macramé Braid Tutorial too =) If you make something with either of my tutorials, I'd LOVE to see it,  please send me an email or comment with a link to a picture and I'd be so happy!

This is what we'll be making, a Katarina Braid Bracelet without backing:

All materials you need can be bought from Luletråden.se. They also have kits for you with everything you need to make your first bracelet.

Making the Braid

* 1 strand of 1/4 inch thick leather
* 8 strands of pewter threads
* A small strand of synthetic sinew (split up the full fat strand into 4 or so thinner strands)
* Safety pin

Step 1:
First tie your pewter and leather strands together with the sinew, and attach it all to a safety pin that you pin into a pillow/your jeans or whatever you feel comfortable braiding from. Separate your strands into pairs of two and place two pairs on each side of the leather. Fold the leather strip out of the way in the middle.

 Step 2:
Take the right most pair of threads and place it over the other.

Step 3:
Take the left most strand and place it under the other one.
Step 4:
Place the left strand you just moved and cross it over the right strand we moved in step 2. Pull it together tightly. The tighter your braid is, the better and more even it will look (until a point where you start breaking the pewter strands and making stuff all edgy and weird looking of course).

Step 5:
Let down the leather strand and repeat the same process but on top of the leather, see below:

Repeat until you run out of leather or pewter, tie off the end with sinew. 

Making the Bracelet

We now have a pretty braid! Measure your wrist and cut the braid to 1/2 inch shorter if you want a tight bracelet, or 1/4-1/2 inch longer if you want it loose, hanging down. This measurement is including the tied off ends and little leftover pieces at the end.

* 2 leather squares, twice the width of your braid and about 3/4 inch long.
* 1 1/16 inch wide and 5 inches long cut leather piece
* Synthetic sinew in suitable color
* All purpose glue
* Leather cutting needle 
* Button of your choice, for example a beautiful reindeer antler button

Step 1:
Place one of the lather squares on top of your braid, make sure you place it on the right side of your braid, not the underside.  Using one of the sinew threads you used to tie off your braid (or if they're too short attach a new, longer one by tying it over the old knot), thread your needle and with three stitches in the same holes around the leather and the braid on the backside. Make the stitch just slightly smaller then your braid, see below.

Step 2:
Tie it off carefully and tightly with a triple knot. Do this for the other side of the braid too.

Step 3:
Attach your button  in the normal way, also with one of the sinew threads to one side. Before you tie it off, stick your needle through between your button and the skin on the topside like the picture shows, spin the thread at least three times to elevate the button from the skin, making it easier to put the bracelet on and off.

Step 4:
End with a loop knot and bring the thread out on the underside.

Step 5:
Tie the thread with the other thread on the backside.

Step: 6
Now we're going to make the little loop for the button. Take your strand of leather, wet it thoroughly with water and ask a friend for help. Spin the thing in different directions.
Step 7:
Fold in half and when you let go of the folded end, it'll snap together nicely.

Step 8:
Tie it into a loop with a piece of sinew.

Step 9:
Tie it to the opposite end of the braid from the button, and make sure you tie it tightly because it'll take some strain.
Step 10:
Dab some glue on the whole thing and sew it closed.

Step 11:
When you come to the end, do a double stitch and stick it all the way through, this way it'll get glued in with everything and there's no risk of it coming undone.

Step 12:
Do the same thing to the button side, and press slightly with your fingers so you don't get a gaping hole at the end but a nice closed end like on the pictures above. And voila! You have a sami bracelet!

If you make your own Sami Bracelet or anything from a pattern or tutorial of mine - I'd love if you add it to my flickr group and thereby share it with me and the world so we all can enjoy it and be inspired by it: Not Only Quilts - Share Your Creations  <3


  1. I love this and can't wait to have enough time to try!!! Thank you for the tutorial!

  2. Thank you SO much! I love how you make the braiding process easy to understand!

  3. Your blog is brilliant, I love Sami bracelets and been looking for instructions and tips where to by materials. Thanks a million for these posts. I hope you don't mind me linking your blog for other Finnish bloggers to see. I really look forward to trying your macrame instructions.

  4. Thank you,fore this very clear tutorial.If I'am finischt the sami's, I will make foto's,and put them in my pinterest bord(p.s i made this).Greatings Maura.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is very generous of you to take the time to present such a clear and thorough tutorial. I recently finished my first Sami bracelet, just a simple three plait braid. It was so much fun, but I am going to need to practice, practice, practice to become skilled. Especially with sewing the bracelets up! -- Diane

  6. gracias por compartirlo esta bello, y muy bien expliado! (: ya lo empese a hacer :D

  7. This is such a beautifully photographed and written tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing your talented explanation .

    Warm appreciation,
    B. Coffman

  8. Wow, I'm wearing one of your bracelet in my hand, it is dark blue and I bought it some where in north of Finland and it is absolutely my favorite jewerly! I love it!

  9. maravillosa, me encanta, gracias por el tutorial

  10. Where can I buy the prewter wire? And how much do I need for one bracelet?

    1. You can buy the best quality one for a very good price here: http://www.tnkreativt.com/index.php?language=en

      How much you need for one bracelet really depends on what kind of bracelet you wish to make, but maybe start out with 3 meters and that should be enough for most designs =)

  11. Muy bonita la pulsera, bien por el tutorial gracias.....

  12. Hur långa ska de 8 som man börjar med vara?

    1. Det beror på hur lång fläta du behöver och vad för typ av fläta du gör , men kanske 25-30 cm för ett "normalarmband"? =)

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  14. Men??? Det verkar vara nåt knasigt... den stavar som den vill och fastän jag skriver rätt, så skickar den nåt annat... jaja, hoppas du fattar iallafall =D

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