Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Batala Backpack Pattern is here!

So happy to be able to share that the Batala Backpack is finally available on Craftsy! I'd like to sincerely thank my fantastic pattern testers for doing such a great job! <3

Pattern is available here in English and here in Swedish.

This really is a lovely handbag replacement, great for a long day on the town or when out travelling when you want to carry on your back, rather than on just one shoulder, plus backpacks are totally in fashion right now! 

You close it with a drawstring (and preferably you get the double cord lock you ordered over a month ago and don't have to tie it in a bow to close ;) ) and a magnetic lock for the flap.

The inside is spacious and I have room for everything I normally carry in my Daytona handbag, plus some. There's and inside zipper pocket and an open cellphone pocket on the opposite side.

Here's how she looks fully packed and ready to go!

Me modelling it, so happy I had shorts that matched so nicely =)

More images and the story behind the bag can be found here.

I want to sincerely thank my fantastic pattern testers! <3
They did amazing work, corrected issues, helped me with spelling and grammar, and made fantastic versions of the Batala Backpack. Please enjoy their beauties below!

Sheri Ferrano - of Munkee Made designs made this absolutely gorgeous version in Lost at Sea, beautifully paired with lovely black faux leather.

Margareth TaiBags by Mags can be found here on Instagram, made a lovely Tula Pink version, making use of the adorable Raccoon Print for the flap! So pretty!

Anna Van Berlo - Whom you can find here on Instagram, made a super cute version with beautiful appliqued hearts from  Amelia Caruso's Effervescence fabric. 

Alison Heath - of Bobbin Girl (she has great bag making supplies!) made an absolutely lovely Tula Pink Elizabeth version! 

Andrea Fuhrer - made this super happy, neon version! You can't help but smile when you look at it! 

Cate Sjöman - of C. SjömanDesigns made this very classic looking version all in faux black leather, paired with a happy red piping!

Anne Verberckmoes - Made a lovely gold sparkling version! Such a classy look with the flap and D-ring holder in the same fabric.

Tiger Conservation

Since this stands to be repeated ;) The Backpack is named after the city of Batala in the Punjab region of India, this is part of the Tigers historical areas of habitats, however sadly there are no longer any wild tigers in this region. The conservation of our big cats is a topic that's very dear to my heart and one that was constantly on my mind as this bag took shape thanks to the lovely Tula Pink Crouching Tiger fabric. Even if this design isn't for you, maybe you'll take a moment of your time to take a look at and see if there's anything you can do to help the tigers. It's very easy to donate directly through their website, thank you for reading! <3

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