Saturday, May 28, 2016

Presenting the Batala Backpack!

I'm so excited this bag is finally ready for presentation! I had this vision for a long time of a full circle backpack, however, I didn't want a shapeless sack, I wanted a practical handbag backpack substitute, with proper pockets for cellphone, keys etc... So after much experimentation the Batala Backpack was born!

It has a sturdy center, so it holds it shape nicely despite the half circle sides which gives the beautiful folds on the sides. It's such a handy size to replace your everyday handbag,  ~12" high and ~7" wide at the top. And it's super comfortable to wear with it's padded, adjustable straps, and you can easily hang it in the big D-ring.

You close it with a drawstring and a magnetic snap lock for the lid. So access is very easy. It's sewn in beautiful Tula Pink Eden fabrics combined with a light purple faux leather and a green blender fabric from my stash.

On the backside you have a safe zippered pocket, as I'm always a bit worried about carrying my things on my back otherwise, then it feels good to know the keys and any other important little things are safely tucked away towards my back where no one can get to it.

The inside has one zipper pocket and one open pocket, however, I will share more photos of the inside in a later post. The pattern will go out for testing soon, and so it will be available to the public in a month or so hopefully.

Tiger Conservation

The Backpack is named after the city of Batala in the Punjab region of India, this is part of the Tigers historical areas of habitats, however sadly there are no longer any wild tigers in this region. The conservation of our big cats is a topic that's very dear to my heart and one that was constantly on my mind as this bag took shape thanks to the lovely Tula Pink Crouching Tiger fabric. Even if this design isn't for you, maybe you'll take a moment of your time to take a look at and see if there's anything you can do to help the tigers. It's very easy to donate directly through their website <3

Photo by Steve Winter, National Geographic.

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