Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Thread Rainbow and A Kitty Log!

I really do like Ebay! I bought 100 different colors of embroidery cotton thread for $11! Including shipping! Here I'd pay $3 for one color! And they look great and I don't see any issue with the quality either, I'm very happy! And I did have a fun time sorting them into a pretty rainbow.

I started with this: 

And ended up with this lovely rainbow!

I immediately had to try them and I made a "kitty hiding in a log" pencil case for a dear friend ^^ 
It came out really funny and weird looking, but you can't win every time right? She looks a little more like a bear I think, but I had fun and my friend got a laugh out it of so all was well =) 
I'd seen such cute ones on Pinterest but my little experiment just didn't turn out right *lol*

I was really hesitant about wether or not to blog about her as I'm not 100% happy with the outcome... But then I realised that I do love reading about other peoples less then successful ideas and mistakes (sounds horrible I know, but don't you? ;) ), so I did decide to let her show off here. I did at least succeed with my very first french knot for her nose and giving my friend and myself a laugh =)


  1. I have a whole drawer of embroidery floss that I'm certain is one big knot now after moving. How do you organize yours?
    I love the kitty in a log! It might not be 'perfect' but it's still adorable.

    1. Thank you ^^
      I have no idea how to organise it XD Right now it's in little ziplock baggies after color, not a great solution...


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