Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Small Post for a Small & Weird Baggy

I whipped up a weird little baggy this evening, its odd shape is because it's meant as a travel case for my mooncup ;)

It was made with lovely organic fabrics from Gütermann. They where a pleasure to work with, my mother got them for her store and I just had to try them, I honestly didn't know they made fabric too, I thought it was just threads and haberdashery items. It's top quilting quality and it's also 59 inches wide, which I just love!  

It looks very wonky in the photo, it's not, I'm afraid I didn't properly poke out the corners on the left hand side - and I threw away the pretty flower as it'd fallen off so I didn't want to retake the photo once I realised my error, as I just loved it with the flower, so please excuse the wonkiness ;)

I'm still looking for pattern testers for my latest bag pattern, if you're interested, you'll get this and both my other patterns for free as a thank you, please read up here: 
Pattern Testers Wanted

No more testers needed, thank you! <3

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