Sunday, October 18, 2015

I Love Pusheen! A Pusheen Pouch =)

Pusheen, the adorable, fat little cat who's captured so many hearts all over internet, is a favourite of mine. So when I saw the Spoonflower fabric with her on it, I naturally just HAD to have it, you know the feeling right? ;)

I used the oppertunity to try out Spoonflowers Faux Suede and ordered a test swatch. This was however left in the fabric drawer for some time (well over a year), but then recently I finally dug it out and turned it into this in my eyes adorable little zipper baggie. =) It's not very big, but it's fully lined. And I just love how well the zipper pull I decided on matched her coat <3

Unfortunately when I tried to find the fabric for this post now I couldn't find it, so I'm afraid it's no longer available for purchase.

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