Friday, October 30, 2015

A Small Competition Resulting in Tiny Bags

These little bags came to be in a very inofficial, good natured competition betweeen me and my very good friend Anki at quilt camp this summer. She had made a set of teeny tiny little zipper pouches so I naturally had to try to make an equally small one, and then an even smaller one of course. ;)

The day after Anki naturally had made an even smaller little pouch, which resulted in me having to make my smallest one to date ^^ It's so adorably small it only just fits my two earplugs for when I fly. The little clip is so I can attach it to the zipper pull on my big bag so I can find it when I need it. =)

The reason I came to think of these now was because when I met her in Sweden recently, she had made an even smaller one! It was just too cute and I think I have to admit defeat! ^^

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  1. Wow, så söta de här pyttesmå "förvaringarna" var.
    Det måste ha varit pilligt för Dig att sy dem, tänker jag.



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