Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Sewing Room & IKEA Hack - Benno DVD Tower as Fabric Storage

We made an order for some stuff from IKEA  a while back and I ordered two Benno DVD towers, and one Billy Olsbo glass door. We screwed the towers together and added the door (fits perfectly!) and voila, one super cheap, perfect fabric storage shelf with dust cover! When folded over my ruler, fat quarters and half yards fit perfectly in the little shelves! I'm so happy to finally have my little stash out of the plastic boxes so I can actually see what I have!

Makes it so much easier to use the fabrics and they're such an inspiration when you walk into the room. They're not deep, which leaves me with a bit of floor space for laying out quilts which is much needed in my little sewing- (or "guest-" as my fiance insists on calling it) room. ! =)
Aren't the fabrics just so gorgeous all neatly piled and color sorted?

As my little stash is missing a few colors yet, I had lots of fun decorating the empty shelves a little for now. The bumblebees and the flowers are made by my amazing mother.

My shiny and nice quilting threads and my little guardian angel, also a gift from my dear mom. <3

And I even have room for one more next to it for the future, if my stash ever outgrows this one.

It also gave me the opportunity to clear out my previous stash shelf, I'm not going to show you before pictures but if you want a picture, imagine my sewing room throwing up all over this poor shelf ^^ In the future, I'd really love to exchange this and the table for something white...

Previously I had all my threads tossed in a box, it was hard to find what I wanted and get an overview of what I had so I modified this pretty box with little cardboard pieces to keep them neatly sorted and prevent them from rolling around. It's the black one at the bottom of the middle shelf in the photo above. Pretty, pretty colors!


  1. Åh, vad bra det blev! Och du har vikt så fiiint och färgkombinerat så tjusigt, så! Vad härligt att gå in och se allt så fint och inbjudande - nu blir det ännu mera sytt! <3

  2. Visst är det lättare att få inspiration när allt är på sin plats.Du har fått så fint och din kära mor har ju bidragit på ett härligt sätt också.
    Kram Gudrun

  3. What a fabulous idea for fabric storage! It all looks great!

  4. Åhh va fint de blev du gör de så gulligt...
    Ses snart....Kram

  5. What a beautiful sewing room Maria. I have a sewing room but yours is so beautifully organised without anything in plastic bags on the floor. I love it:) You can see everything at a glance!


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