Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Interfacing Free Storage Basket

After our IKEA order I need storage baskets for our new shelves in the bathroom (sadly only half of the shelf was in stock so it hasn't been assembled fully yet, but enough so I could try out baskets ^^). After looking at a number of different options I found a tutorial one over at Jezze Prints that sounded perfect, no interfacing needed and still washable as the cardboard was removable. Brilliant!

I cut into some of my beloved Tula Pink the Birds & the Bee's fabric for this as it was the perfect shade of purple/plum for the bathroom decor and I just LOVE the outcome!

I had some small difficulties knowing what was what in the tutorial so if you want to make your own, the small piece (at the top in the pattern piece image) is the bottom piece, which is dark gray in my version and visible here. The Bee fabric on the outside is the rectangular piece.

And the Lazy Stripe is the middle (biggest) lining piece in the pattern. 

I also wanted a cardboard bottom for mine to make it perfectly rigid. But I wasn't interested in adding even more pieces to this so instead of sewing the bottom piece (grey) to the lining piece around the top as suggested in the pattern, I sewed it only in the seams at the sides as suggested in version two. Then when all was stitched together (as you can see I did the side seams as in version one anyway) you can measure your bottom (mine was 15x15 cm) and cut a piece of cardboard that size. Fold the cardboard once in the middle, stick it in between the two lining pieces (this will make sense once you have your own basket before you) before adding the edge cardboard, unfold it and have a hard, cardboard bottom too, not just sides. The bottom piece  is removable too - just like the sides for washing. =)


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