Thursday, September 13, 2012

Simply Mental Stars

Can you forget a quilt top you spent hours and hours on no less then 2 months ago? Well I managed XD The top I named "Simply Mental Stars" was neatly folded away for a photo opportunity later when I got home from the quilt retreat and I completely forgot about it until I saw a similar star on Pinterest yesterday.

Anyhow, introducing Simply Mental Stars:

Didn't have time to take it outdoors and this photo is as close to the actual colors as I could get.

It was really fun to make the stars, the crazy stars require minimal attention and you can make them as "mental" as you'd like =) 

It's made from half a Tonga Treats, Strip Treat - Hard Candy roll. I'm planning to use the rest for borders. It didn't turn out at all like I planned as I ran out of the black fabric so I'm really back and forth when I look at this top. Sometimes I like it, others not at all, it comes and goes. I was planning on adding a skyline applique to the bottom but for now I think I'll fold it back and let it "mature" for a while until I have time to decide what to do with it and then take it from there.

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  1. Häftiga stjärnor!
    Var sak har sin tid.....även stjärnquiltar :o)


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