Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I think I love fall, and I know I love my mom!

Cut to Pieces was having a giveaway and she only asked us to tell her what we like about fall. And as I was preparing to write that I hate fall (I used to have what I can only call fall time depressions when I lived in Sweden), I realised that nowadays, here in Malta I think LOVE the fall!

A bit of rain falls from time to time giving me reason to stay inside and sew a bit more while the island is slowly turning from burnt out brown to a healthy green. I love that I can walk outside without getting drenched in sweat and I love that I don't have to shower after a walk to the store =) I love that I get to wear a bit more clothes, while "as little as humanely possible and still somewhat decent" is fun for a few months it get's boring after a while.  I love that the quilts on the couch soon no longer will be purely for decoration purposes but soon will be used to snuggle up under. I love lighting candles, making stews and actually feeling like cooking. Don't get me wrong, I still love summer more then anything but I think I've found there's enough  room in my heart to love fall too =)

The image has nothing to do with anything other then that I came to think about this photo session a number of years back with our much loved goddaughter Alma so I thought the image would be appropriate =)

But what I do know I do love is my mother! And no, not because she sends me lovely things, that just makes her even more awesome. A while back this little packet came with the most adorable fabric and a bunch of equally cute buttons and notions! <3 And Anki who is just as sweet as my mother had ordered an awl for me. I've been looking for the really thin clover awls which I haven't been able to find anywhere so she ordered it for me! Thanks mom and Anki, you are the best!


  1. Nu kom det en liten tår här. Du är sååå långt borta ibland så man kan bli knasig och dessemellan rinner tiden förbi så att man inte hinner tänka på varandra tillräckligt. Det gäller att ta vara på - och vara glad åt varje tillfälle som ges.
    Älskar dig!

  2. Du är en fantastisk tjej som så klart har en fantastisk mamma och "Anki". Kram/Maggan

  3. Glad you found some room in your heart to love "fall" too. LOL
    My son spent Christmas in Malta last year, and really enjoyed it there.

  4. Men nu får ni nog sluta båda två....här sitter jag och läser och blir sååå rörd, så tårarna trillar nerför vet ju att jag är känslig......
    Jag håller med Maggan, Ni är fantastiska båda två...och jag är såå glad att jag får vara er kompis!


  5. Hi Maria! Your photo with autumn leaves and those sweet coloured houses is beautiful! I'm Finnish woman living in Greece and I miss autumn! In Finland it used to be too dark and rainy but now I miss that! Sunny wishes from Crete! x Teje


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