Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quilting for sanity

I'm still without a working computer (don't get me started on OCZ's customer treatment, service level or quality of hardware for that matter or I'll go on for three pages) I'm quilting for my sanity from time to time when the work I need to do can't be done without say PS or access to a hard drive.

So I had time to whip up some quick Christmas gifts for my amazing landlady whom I haven't seen since before the holidays so it's ok (will try to sneak some time to share those photos in a day or so as I can't exactly use my precious "real computer time" for anything but work right now as Andreas too is super busy). But I can however share  a photo I took this fall of some fabric which still hasn't been turned into the super yummy baked goods it was supposed to be due to my insanely busy work schedule. I'm super embarrassed by this situation but luckily the lovely Moda peeps are so understanding <3

I have however started it now and I'm hoping to have it turned into something amazing in a month and a half or so =)

It's Twirl by My & My Sister Designs, such happy and completely insane colors, you can't help but smile when working with them =)


  1. Helt underbara "vår" färger. Här hos mig är det kallt och snöar. Lycka till med syprojektet.

  2. Ljuvligt läckra!!! Det är helt mina färger och man blir så pigg och glad när man får jobba med sådana!
    Älskar dig, unge!

  3. Hi Maria! Those colors are so cheery!

  4. I really enjoy working with these, such happy, springtime colors =)

    Oh fy då Pirjo, det låter inte alls kul med kallt och snö!


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