Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gift for my landlady

We have a lovely landlady, if there's anything wrong she fixes it the same or next day, if we need anything at all, she get's it for the apartment, she doesn't even let us change or pay for the light bulbs ourselves, she's the best! So I really wanted to give her a Christmas gift this year, a small one to not make her feel weird but still something made especially for her =)

So I ended up making her a Fancy Folded Star pot holder inspired by Barb's version of them and an oven mitt, using this tutorial from Prudent Baby. I ended up using some of my Ruby by Bonnie & Camille FQ's with a touch of Bliss thrown in. The M appliqué I just traced from an alphabet on my screen. =)

She really loved them and I'm so happy! I'm however not happy with the binding on either but I was under a lot of time press, otherwise I would totally have redone it.

On a personal side note, I finally have a hard drive again! Yay!


  1. Очень красиво! Это здорово, делать людям приятные сюрпризы!

  2. Läckra de blev i det tyget!! Så fräscha och fina! Klart att hon blev glad för den presenten.
    Tusen kramisar

  3. That star pot holder is incredible. I have wanted to make one for a while. I need to learn how to make one.

  4. They are beautiful. I really should make something for my landlords.

  5. Hmm, maybe I should start making gifts for my landlady, she might fix the boiler!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    *lol* I'll keep my fingers crossed for you David =)

  7. Jättesnygga.....du är sååå duktig, Bia!! Kram

    Ps. Ses väl snart då va???

  8. Tack söta du! Nej det ser mörkt ut på resefronten tyvärr :(

    Kramar i massor

  9. Fixing the problem right after away and not charging you for anything? Wow! Indeed, you have a lovely landlady and she deserves such a gift. I hope you keep up the good relationship with her. =)


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