Friday, June 3, 2011

Ruby Dreams

Right now I'm all snowed in on Ruby, my dreams about this fabric collection is border lining erotic to be honest, I have something very close to a schoolyard crush on it. You know the kind, every waken hour of your day it pops into your mind, and suddenly at the squash court your realize you just barely evaded being hit by the ball - because you where dreaming up quilts of it!

Why oh why can't it be available now?!

Ruby is the new fabric line from the ever so talented Bonnie and Camille. This line is just so pretty, all soft colors but still so cheery. I just can't stop looking at it. The pretty red would make it perfect for my bedroom and the other colors combined with that soft, perfect gray.... It's love, can you tell? ^^
Everyone should take a look at Camille's blog for some serious inspiration, she's a fantastic designer, takes beautiful photos and seems like a fantastic person, I always get a smile on my face reading her blog. 

I bought the Swoon pattern as a PDF today (first time doing that, messed up and bought it from the company paypal, fiance - not happy with me) and it was the BEST thing! I can really recommend it! SO much fun to be able to get my hands on the pattern pretty much right away and not have to pay customs on arrival and wait for weeks for it to arrive from the US. I don't think I've ever before have wanted to purchase a pattern and fabric to make an exact replica of a quilt before, but in the case of the fantastic Swoon pattern combined with the beautiful Ruby fabric I'm seriously, seriously considering it, I mean, just LOOK at it! It's just to stunning for words!

Here you can see it in almost full glory at quilt market (one day I will go to the US and attend this event) with it's equally pretty designer Camille, with who's kind permission I'm borrowing these fantastic photos from her blog, thank you!=)


  1. Hi! I am a new follower, found you from the Moda Bake Shop of course! Love your Sunkissed quilt. I have been obsessed with Sunkissed for a while now so I know what you mean about Ruby. My new obsession is Hometown by Sweetwater which really isn't my usual style but I LOVE it and can't wait for it to come out. I look forward to your blog postings in the future. Check mine out too if you want!

  2. Hello! Found your blog from the Bakeshop. I love all your projects! You are so talented! This Swoon quilt is amazing! I might have to make it for my girls' rooms! I agree with you - Ruby is gorgeous! :)


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