Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Play with my brand new ruffle foot

I've been playing for the first time with my brand new ruffle foot, gosh what a fun tool it is!  Never had I known what a deep seated longing I had for perfect, pretty ruffles until today. ^^ The joy at making them was much, much bigger then I ever could imagine. =)

It took a few tries to get the ruffles right, so I ended up with a bunch of more or less nicely ruffled strips of fabric. I turned a couple of the more decent ones into flowers. As you might be able to tell I'm on a bit of a barrette streak lately. I bought a few ugly, cheap barrettes and now I'm having lot's of fun making them into pretty new barrettes for me to wear for the summer. =)

Here's the result of today's play, one BIG Ruffle Flower Bliss Barrette.

 And a smaller, with a different twist for the middle Sunkissed Barrette


  1. They are beautiful ruffle flower barrettes! I LOVE my ruffler too! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  2. Vad häftigt att göra volander själv...ska höra med Mia om det finns att köpa till min Pimpim också....gillar ju att sy volanger på neccarna .

  3. Ja det är superkul verkligen! =) Håller tummarna för dig.


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