Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Christmas Rag Quilt is moving along again!

Andreas manged to put Emerald back together! Yay! Thank you sweetie! <3
And while the thread tension now is very off, it's sewing and at least the back of the fabric looks quite nice, stitch wise =)

So I managed to put together the last pieces of my rag quit and it's now fully sewn together! Now I just have to clip the seams, wash and tumble dry and it's DONE!

And no, no worries - it's not all wonky, I just rotated the picture so it would face the right way for you ^^


  1. Åh, gumman vad roligt att höra att du kan använda honom stötvis i alla fall! Den ser helt underbar ut din ragquilt! Ska bli jättespännande att få se den tvättad och klar. Tur att det inte står på förrän det är februari nu! Hi hi! Kramisar

  2. Awww, tack Mor! Den känns jättemysig! Måste bara köpa en ny sax så jag kan klippa fransarna, ingen av mina pallar med 6 lager tyg på spetsen tydligen så än så länge har jag bara klippt kanten, och det är mycket sömmar =)

    Jag längtar SÅ till februari!
    Massa Kramar

  3. Your rag quilt is beautiful!! Great you got your machine fixed!!! Could I ask for your help?! My DH and I are spending a week in Malta this January and I was wondering if you knew of any quilt shops that I could possibly visit? Many thanks in advance!!! Mary Ann

  4. Thank you Mary Ann! I sent you an email and thank you so very much for becoming a follower, it really made my day! =)


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