Monday, December 27, 2010

Log Cabin Poppy Wreath

So, last night I really stepped out of my normal comfort zone when it comes to fabric. I wanted a quick project so I started a traditional log cabin pattern for a table topper. The pattern comes from Mias Quiltbod.

The fabric is adorable, I love it but it's just not something I'd normally use. A special person came popping (no pun intended - honestly!) up in my head all the time I was sewing. A person that is pretty much like both the pattern and the fabric in combination. I don't think it's her style at all though, but she is lot's of fun and really bright and cheery like the fabric, while still traditional, like the log cabin... So if it turns out good, I think it might become a gift for this person despite it not being something I think she'd normally enjoy. Wow, this is a really weird thought process I realize but it's all how I felt last night when I couldn't sleep and stayed up and sewed instead.=)

So here's what's on my design wall right now, but I think I'm going to exchange the corner pieces for all black log cabins instead, to bring out the wreath. And I think I'm not going to make a border of the flowers but do something else instead... Sorry about the bad quality of the picture but it was pitch black outside when I took it.

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