Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fresh from the sewing machine!

I've had this pile of flannels that I got a few years back from my mother for a project that never was made reality and now I felt I just had to try and make something out of these poor forgotten pieces.  So I made a baby rag quilt and gosh what a fun project it was! It took only a day and it was so easy to make.  There was an adorable Beatrice Potter fabric in there so those got to be bigger pieces of 20cm. It ended up being 90x90cm and in the photo it's been washed once.

The Baby Rag Quilt:

So easy to make and the result so cuddly that I just had to make my very first order from for some Christmas charm packs & some flannel for backing so I could make a cuddly couch quilt big enough for us to use. I'll share more about this once the fabric arrives from the US. I'm so excited about this, charm packs seem soooo convenient and I've never used pre-cut fabric before ^^

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