Sunday, September 19, 2010

Change in direction

So since I realize my attention span is to short to have my blog revolve around just one of my many interests I've decided to reroute and start blogging about whatever is catching my fancy at the moment in time. Lately it's been quilting and I've been doing a lot of it this summer. It's just so versatile and I love fabrics.

I'll at some point rename and redesign my blog but for now I'll just try and catch whatever lonely, neglected reader I have left up on what I've been doing lately. =)

My quilt in the post below is now finished, I've named it "Crazy Rainforest" and it fits a single bed perfectly. It got it's name as the colors where screaming "Rainforest!" to me and I simply had to applique (my first applique ^^) a Poison Dart Frog on an Azalea leaf in the bottom left corner to really give it a rainforest feel. 

"Crazy Rainforest" Front
"Crazy Rainforest" Back
And since I had some spare squares over from making the front, I decided to not let them go to waste and instead make a somewhat less boring the usual backside for it, and it's actually so nice one can almost call it "two quilts in one" =)

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