Monday, April 11, 2016

500 Instagram Followers Giveaway!

To celebrate reaching the 500 Followers milestone on Instagram (I can hardly believe it!) I'm having a Tula Pink GIVEAWAY! She's my favourite designer so I'm giving away some hard to find and out of print Acacia to show how very happy I am for each and every one of you <3

If you're not already an Instagram follower, pop over now and become one for a chance to win! 😃

One lucky winner will receive: 

🔹 1/2 Yard of HTF OOP Tula Pink Acacia Raccoon Print.
🔹 1 FQ Coordinating Tula Pink Acacia Arrowheads.
🔹 1 FQ Coordinating Tula Pink Acacia Pixel Dot.

You can not enter the giveaway here, you have to enter on =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Splendid Sampler Blocks 13 & 8

Since I've been sick for weeks now, and recovery has not been exactly speedy - not much sewing have been done, however I have finished The Splendid Sampler block 8 & 13.

Loved making this block, quick and easy which to my surprise packed a considerable punch when placed with the others! <3

This was aslo super fun, and surprisingly quick to make despite the tiny triangles =D

Monday, March 28, 2016

My baby is home!

I've been sick now for what feels like forever. The flu kicked me into bed weeks ago and not until today I've been feeling well enough to do anything at all other then what's absolutely necessary.
So no sewing in ages. I'm behind on the Splendid Sampler, my Finish Along 2016 goal number 2 is just lying there on a chair, mocking me... And my newest pattern in the works, which I'm super excited about - is no where near finished.

But on the major upside, Diana is home! My heart, my baby, my lovely Norwegian Forestcat is finally back with me after a 1,5 year long battle! She's unfortunately very overweight, her diabetes has been very poorly cared for which has stressed her system, her back and hips are causing her a lot of pain when she walks due to her weight poor baby. However, she's home now and getting proper care, medication and weight management so hopefully she will be improving slowly, slowly as she looses weight. <3

I've today slowly been starting to organise my fabrics and sewing things as we bought a new wardrobe (Pax from Ikea) for the living room for me to keep my sewing stuff in, as I'd outgrown the available storage options. So today I've been making solid rainbows <3

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Blocks 4 & 5 of The Splendid Sampler - I'm finally caught up!

This one was super fun to make, if a little tricky to appliqué the tiny circles. But I love how it turned out! Love the colors. <3

This one was just like it's name, simple to make and looks really good I think =)

And all my first 7 Blocks together! I'm having so much fun with this! Don't they look quite lovely?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Block 3 & 6 of The Splendid Sampler

Yes, I know two blocks are missing there, but I figured it's more fun to be working on the same block as everyone else is and then I'll catch up on the missing ones when I have time =)

This one was a challenge! So much unpicking to get it even half decent! *lol*

This one was super fun, easy to make but looks very advanced =)

I have also started working on a Backpack Pattern which I'm totally psyched about, but more on that later as I don't want to reveal to much ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blocks 1 & 2 of The Splendid Sampler

Block 1 - Hearts Aflutter - By Pat Sloan
The first block was a breeze, so much fun to make!

was just as frustrating as the first one was fun *lol*
It's 1 1/2" squares just refused to cooperate and no matter how I twisted and turned they ended up in the wrong order. Much seam ripping later, this was the result. And it really doesn't look this wonky in person I promise =)

Anyway, I'm having so much fun! I'm so glad I joined, the community on Facebook is fantastic, so very supportive! <3 Join up you too! It's not to late =D

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Splendid Sampler!

So I've been agonising for a while now, not knowing if I had the time to do it, but so badly wanting to... So in the end, I decided today that I just had to do it I really wanted some varied and fun, but relaxing sewing on the side - where I don't have to think, just follow a pattern and enjoy myself!

It's been way to long since I made a quilt and I really miss it! And I'm so excited about this one, so many fantastic designers in it that I just LOVE and I'm so insanely happy I'm doing it!

So I'm doing The Splendid Sampler! I'm starting a little late I know but I'll play catch-up now =)

I'll be working with Bonnie & Camilles Ruby line matched with some solids, and I might also buy some Little Ruby later to match it with as I have a few to few FQ's according to the requirements. My solid grey isn't a perfect match which bugs me a little so I might purchase another to make a better match...

I'm also proud I'll be working from stash, so that's a big plus for me as our tiny flat is really quickly being overrun by my growing stash. I'm honestly just about to buy another IKEA wardrobe to keep it in XD

However, I'm crazily excited and I can't wait to start so I'm getting off the computer now! =)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Mackie Sleeve Pattern is here!

I made a pretty pink laptop case for myself a while back and I've had some inquiries about a pattern - so I naturally had to make one =) It's both quick and fun to make and it contains instructions to adjust it to fit most laptops - no matter the size! And you can play around with this design endlessly!

Pattern is available here in English and here in Swedish.

It has no zipper closure (to not risk scratching your laptop) but is just a slide in sleeve, and you close it with the device of your choice to not risk it slipping out. Instructions for a button and elastic closure is included.

Love the extra touch of class the little corner covers give <3

Here you see the difference in look you get depending on how much you close your zipper in Step 2

I'd like to thank my wonderful pattern testers, whom made som lovely versions of their own!

By Jennifer MacWilliams - You can find her on Instagram: @thisgirlissewdestructive and on Facebook. The big patterned fabric really makes the zipper design pop! Lovely, tiny 10" version!

By Eva Halvarsson - my mother of Borlänge Sycentrum made a very classy striped version!

By Anne Verberckmoes, a tiny version as well with pretty text fabric version with a big "peek a boo" opening.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Stockholm Bag - Pattern Release!

Happy to say that the Stockholm Bag pattern now has been tested by my fantastic pattern testers and is now available on Craftsy!

Pattern available here in English, and here in Swedish.

This bag came to be as I needed a bag to use as carry on when flying to Stockholm, and as it's for use in Stockholm, it had to be big enough to fit both my laptop, an extra sweater and everything else I need while travelling or for a full day on the town. This bag is perfect for both!

The stylish, nordic inspired no fuss design with a simple big exterior pocket and a zippered pocket at the back is perfect for the advanced beginner all the way up to the advanced bagmaker who potentially could spice it up in numerous ways!

It has a zippered pocket in the lining and some open lining pockets for cellphones and other little things.

I want to give a big shout out to my wonderful pattern testers! They did amazing work, corrected issues, helped me with spelling and grammar, and made fantastic versions of the bag. Please enjoy these beauties!

Margareth Tai - Bags by Mags you can find here on Instagram. Made this gorgeous denim version that I just love! Such lovely fabric combinations and choices!

Eva Halvarsson - my mother of Borlänge Sycentrum Made a lovely linnen version! Love the quilting and the happy Tula Pink fabric combined with the sombre linnen. Classy but fun!

Anna Van Berlo - Whom you can find here on Instagram, made this adorable burgundy suede version, the little flower is such a great addition! Love it!

Cate Sjöman - of C. SjömanDesigns Made a pretty black version to which she added white contrasting piping, such a great idea!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Stockholm Bag - Pattern Testers Wanted!

I'm so in love with this bag! It turned out exactly how I had envisioned it. Which actually is highly unusual, normally most of my original ideas develop a lot during the creation process, and turn into something differing more or less from the original plan as I move along. However, Stockholm was such a good baggy and stayed it's course to the end <3

The beautiful focus fabric is from the Moonshine line by Tula Pink, the print is called "Lantern". The fake leather is "pre quilted" and comes from Ohlssons Tyger & Stuvar in Sweden, but has similar ones if you're curious =)

Backside, simple with just a small zippered pocket. Please pardon the stains on the left, I'd just put on lotion when I took these photos but didn't realise it left a residue until I saw them big now *lol*

I don't have any great inside pictures yet but it's simple, with a zippered pocket in the lining and a couple of open pockets on the other side. More photos will come! =) The turquoise lining fabric is a Bella Solid, however, I can't recall the exact name, I'm sorry.

Size comparison with the Daytona Bag =)

Pattern Testers Wanted! Edit: - Pattern tested and finished, available here.
Now I'm looking for a couple of more pattern testers to add to my awesome group of lovely testers, it's fun and easy to make, a fancy beginners pattern really =)

If you're interested in test sewing this pattern for me, make sure it contains no inaccuracies, check my spelling and grammar (as English isn't my first language ;) )  and let me know if anything is unclear or hard to understand? I would like a few testers for both the English version and the Swedish version.

If you would like to test the pattern, I would like to ask you that you have time to make, comment on the pattern and photograph the bag before February 16th. I'm very sorry about the short timeframe, however, I need it tested before it goes to the printer on the 17th =)

The english pattern is ready for testing on Sunday, the Swedish one should hopefully be done Monday, Tuesday at the latest. As soon as it's finished, I'll email it to you so if you're interested in testing the pattern, you should have sewing and preferably some bag making experience. Please email me at with a short description of your sewing experience or link to your blog or photo sharing site if you have one (or just attach a photo of some things you've sewn in the email). You if you're approved, you'll be added to my pattern tester group on Facebook where we can discuss the testing progress and share photos with other testers =)

All pattern testers will of course get the finished pattern for free, as well as my eternal gratitude and two of my other patterns of their choice as a thank you. <3

And I'm so ridiculously excited, the one and only, Tula Pink herself shared my bag on Instagram! <3 If I have any non-quilters reading, that's like having the queen praise your work =)

Without a doubt the coolest thing ever in my sewing career! =D Look at all those likes and her super sweet comments! How insanely cool isn't that!?! 

This is also my first finish for the 2016 Finish Along! Here's my first post about it: A new bag in the works.