Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Mackie Sleeve Pattern is here!

I made a pretty pink laptop case for myself a while back and I've had some inquiries about a pattern - so I naturally had to make one =) It's both quick and fun to make and it contains instructions to adjust it to fit most laptops - no matter the size! And you can play around with this design endlessly!

Pattern is available here in English and here in Swedish.

It has no zipper closure (to not risk scratching your laptop) but is just a slide in sleeve, and you close it with the device of your choice to not risk it slipping out. Instructions for a button and elastic closure is included.

Love the extra touch of class the little corner covers give <3

Here you see the difference in look you get depending on how much you close your zipper in Step 2

I'd like to thank my wonderful pattern testers, whom made som lovely versions of their own!

By Jennifer MacWilliams - You can find her on Instagram: @thisgirlissewdestructive and on Facebook. The big patterned fabric really makes the zipper design pop! Lovely, tiny 10" version!

By Eva Halvarsson - my mother of Borlänge Sycentrum made a very classy striped version!

By Anne Verberckmoes, a tiny version as well with pretty text fabric version with a big "peek a boo" opening.

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