Saturday, May 9, 2015

Back to Quilting!

First I got my little stash in order and got my Ikea Benno DVD shelves up. I'm so happy to have my little rainbow back up! =D

Secondly I realised that I was terribly out of practice when it came to FMQing, so I brought out a test piece and played a little. It was embarrassing at first but I quickly got somewhat back in the swing of things. Sorry for the bad photo, it's late ^^

And I actually have been nibbling away at my totally psyched project! I love this new pattern I have in the works so much and I can't wait to share it with you all! =D

Monday, May 4, 2015

A Brand New Life!

My personal life has undergone some major changes this past year and due to these among other things, not much sewing has been possible for me sadly. Which has resulted in me banking a million and one ideas for new patterns and things I want to create, which is fantastic now that my life finally permits it!

My sewing machine is finally with me again and the sewing table arrived a few days ago now, it's an Ikea Malm. The lovely flowers are from my new love with whom I just celebrated 5 months with! <3 It's a really tiny (but adorable) one bedroom flat we live in now so the table is squeezed in between the kitchen counter and the sofa ^^

And yesterday I retrieved my Ikea Benno shelfs and I could finally unpack my fabrics! I'm so happy!! They will very soon been filled with a rainbow these FQ's and half yards that I now have refolded and sorted, I was so ridiculously happy to finally be playing with my fabrics again!

I just can't wait to start creating again! =D

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My mother has opened a brand new Swedish quilting store!

I'm so immensely proud of and excited for my mother who has the blog evas syrum. She has just opened her online quilt fabric store in Sweden. I know that most of my readers aren't Swedish but I just had to share this anyway, I'm so happy for her! =D

She's also hosting a giveaway with a chance to win 2 Moda Scrap Bags! These seem to be such an awesome thing, I really can't wait to get my hands on my first!

Please feel free to hop over for a chance to win (you can use the translation gadget if you don't speak Swedish)! I literally couldn't be more excited for my awesome mom! <3

She prices all her fabric the same, it's 155 SEK per meter, other then the Kona Solids that are 115 SEK per meter so it's really easy to shop there. She also has some really cute little FQ bundles and some other pre-cuts. You can order as little as 10 centimeters of a fabric should you wish.  =)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pink Springtime Sami Bracelet

I've finally been able to get back to some crafting, and the first thing out was this macramé sami bracelet.  It's really very simple to make and the tutorials are already available here on the blog. I'm so happy to be back to the blog, I've really missed it!

The braid is the very same as the one in this old Macramé for Sami Bracelets tutorial of mine, but with double strands of pewter. So instead of one strand on each side of the calf, you use two.

The calf (center piece of leather) is made by taking a  1/2" wide piece of leather that is as long as you want your bracelet, cover the back side of the leather with a thin layer of glue and then fold it in on itself towards the middle so you end up with this. Let it dry before starting on your macramé.

Once you're finished with your macrame bracelet, make sure you tie it off properly with some sinew thread. You will then use the Katarina Bracelet tutorial to finish it off. Skip the braiding parts and just hop straight to the "Making the Bracelet" section to finish your macramé braid off with some neat ends and a button. Make sure you fasten your loop properly.

And you'll have your very own, springtime pretty bracelet!

Took my new bracelet for a walk and photo shoot in the lovely spring weather today, it really feels like spring is finally in Malta now!

It's so very good to be back to crafting and blogging! My life is finally starting to fall back on track which is such a relief. And I have some very exciting news coming up soon so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! =D

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Jacket for Jackie

We're dog sitting little Jackie again much to my delight! In the snowy and cold weather we've had the poor baby has been shivering every time we go outside. So I decided it was time to take action!

I borrowed a teeny tiny Hemtex sewing machine (which made more noise then any other machine I've ever heard!), brought out an Ikea fleece plaid and a piece of oilcloth and got to work! She really likes it, she comes right away when I take it out and she is so much more relaxed when we go out now, no more shivers or shaking! =D

We took an old hunting neon band for the belt and attached it while covering up the advertising text at the same time with a small piece of reflective band to make sure little jackie is visible in the dark. 

You would think this was a really quick thing to make and it would have been had it not been for the darn little sewing machine causing all sorts of havoc with the tread tension. It was cranked up to 10 when I got it and was still making loops on the backside... Managed to find the bent piece of metal and fix it and then it was more or less obedient. Have you ever seen such a tiny machine? =)

This is what I'm talking about regarding the tension issues, not a happy sight.

It was also pretty much impossible to sew a straight line, the thing jumped left and right and feed the fabric very unevenly. You can see the remaining tension issues on the the velcro. Luckily it's hidden on the inside for the lining.

However, Jackie is super happy in her wind and water proof, nice and cozy winter coat, and that is all that matters, and I also got to satisfy my worst sewing cravings, so it was very much a win win. The pattern is just made up on the go, will probably make one with a hole for the head and coverage for the chest next time =)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Necessary Clutch Wallet!

I made this clutch this summer actually at quilt camp and just never had time to blog about it, and I've used it every day since, I love it! It's my wallet and when I don't want to drag along my big bag, it also doubles as a bag which will hold my phone, keys and the "bare necessities" to leave the house =)

The pattern is from Emmalinebags and it was a lovely pattern, very easy to follow and it was so much fun to make that I actually made two right after each other. The other one is a little more fancy, will show it off later as I don't have it with me now. This is actually the second one I made and I deviated a little from the pattern here and added a little zippered pocket to the back, which is perfect to hold my keys as they didn't really fit otherwise.

I just love all the pockets and that it folds out so nicely to get easy access!

The extra pocket I added for convenient key access =)

I was super scared about the kind of lock used for this bag as I had never used one before - but let me tell you, there was no need to be afraid, it was really easy to install!  =)

If you've considered making this bag but been worried about it I can just say  - don't be! It's so much fun to make you'll not only make one, but several! =D The only comment I'd like to make is regarding the little edge on top of the lid, I'd recommend you to make the "ends" (this will make sense when you sew it I promise ^^) slightly longer then the pattern tells you too, as when you sew the lid to the bag, it tended to feel slightly on the narrow side (for me at least) and I didn't get a full 1/4 inch seam allowance, making me a little worried. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Little Zipper Baggy

I saw this adorable fabric with stringed up flowers at my mothers and immediately decided that I had to create something of it! The pattern is a dear friends, Ankis and I've made many of these before but it's such a handy design that is quick to make that I can't stop making them. This was for a new friend so the M is actually not for Maria but for Marianne =)

I'm actually quite proud of the embroidery here, I haven't quilted in nearly a year so I was quite nervous to be honest ^^ She really liked it and it's now in her purse for business cards =)

On another note, it's really quite wintery here in Sweden now and this mornings ball play turned out to be a very wet and cold affair for adorable little Jackie. Whom we're petsitting atm while her owner and also the owner of the little baggy above is travelling =)

Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm alive and I have sewn =)

My life has been nothing short of a roller coaster lately, so I've not had any time for sewing or crafting really. However, when I had to buy a new laptop, the little fellow of course needed a laptop sleeve. So when I visited my mother, one had to be created when I had the chance to borrow her sewing machine and to botanise in her many shelves of lovely fabric. =)

I really love how it turned out, while it started out as "I just have to make something to cover it with and keep it from getting scratched" ended up as something much more elaborate and fun! My mother and I made up the design together as I went along that evening, and we truly had a lovely time of it despite the fact that it was very late before I finished it. I had such a blast making it and I absolutely have to make a pattern for it when I have some spare time and am reunited with my beloved and so sorely missed Horizon again. <3

Me doing the photography, however there was no sun whatsoever for days here so the quality of the photos where really not good sadly. However, I really wanted to share this with you so they'll have to do, as I'm afraid the poor thing already has seen too much travel to hold up for a new photo session before taking a turn in the washing machine ^^

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Bia Bag is a Best Seller on Craftsy!

In my absence from all things crafty lately (not complete absence through, I have some new patterns brewing) I'm so happy and honoured to read that my Bia Bag is nr 16 on the free pattern best-seller list on Craftsy! I couldn't be more exited! =D

I'm so inspired to create more patterns and to sew, I just hope I will have time for it soon! =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stash Bee Hive #5 April Block

If I hadn't been in Stash Bee - I wouldn't have sewn anything at all this year, it's getting really bad my crafting itch! XD

This month we were creating an improvised string block for Bonnie, once I got the hang of it this block was really fun to make! I had some trouble figuring out the angles to get the fabric to line up properly after each cut (why I didn't realize it's the same as with any triangle sooner I have no idea, blame it on lack of sleep? ^^).

I wish I'd had something more fun/modern for the white on white fabric then what I ended up with. But it was all I had in the white on white department so in the end I decided to go the white on white instead of a white solid as I felt it was more fun than the solid even if not as modern as I would wish. Luckily it's so white you can't really see the design, there's just some movement in the fabric =)