Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Little Zipper Baggy

I saw this adorable fabric with stringed up flowers at my mothers and immediately decided that I had to create something of it! The pattern is a dear friends, Ankis and I've made many of these before but it's such a handy design that is quick to make that I can't stop making them. This was for a new friend so the M is actually not for Maria but for Marianne =)

I'm actually quite proud of the embroidery here, I haven't quilted in nearly a year so I was quite nervous to be honest ^^ She really liked it and it's now in her purse for business cards =)

On another note, it's really quite wintery here in Sweden now and this mornings ball play turned out to be a very wet and cold affair for adorable little Jackie. Whom we're petsitting atm while her owner and also the owner of the little baggy above is travelling =)

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