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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bring the Basics Bag - How to Fold the Card Holder

A few people have been confused about how to fold the card holder (the first steps of making the bag) and as it clearly was a little tricky to show this with photos, I decided to make a little video showing exactly how it's done, please enjoy and try not to laugh to hard at me ;)

However, while my skills in this department isn't quite up to par, and my english accent changes according to whom I last spoke to (terribly embarrassing but I just can't stop it!), I found this really fun and such an easy way to show off a technique, so more videos will for sure come =)

I also just have to show you this beautiful Bring the Basics Bag made by one of my amazing pattern testers, Thisgirlissewdestructive on Instagram and you can also find here here on Facebook, isn't it gorgeous!? <3 Love the fabric choices!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Keep Your Sunglasses Safe - Raccoon Case! Free Pattern!

I've been wanting to make this pattern for a while, I wanted a soft case for my sunglasses that was easy to open all the way, so they where quick to get out when I needed them and easy to put back. This seemed like the best design for it =)

The reason I wanted a soft case was because I don't want it to take up a lot of room in my bag when not in use. And the Raccoon Case was born!

It's a limited time free pattern, so get it now =) This pattern is available for free download in the "files" section of my Facebook group.

The exterior fabric is from Tula Pinks lovely Acacia line, and the case got its name from the adorable Raccoon print =)

It opens up all the way.

And it's ever so handy! I just love it!

I hope you will enjoy this simple and quick to make little case as much as I do, it's a perfect, quickly whipped up gift =)

If you make a Raccoon Case, please hashtag your Instagram photos with #raccooncase and #pinkponydesign so I and everyone else get to see them! =D

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pink Springtime Sami Bracelet

I've finally been able to get back to some crafting, and the first thing out was this macramé sami bracelet.  It's really very simple to make and the tutorials are already available here on the blog. I'm so happy to be back to the blog, I've really missed it!

The braid is the very same as the one in this old Macramé for Sami Bracelets tutorial of mine, but with double strands of pewter. So instead of one strand on each side of the calf, you use two.

The calf (center piece of leather) is made by taking a  1/2" wide piece of leather that is as long as you want your bracelet, cover the back side of the leather with a thin layer of glue and then fold it in on itself towards the middle so you end up with this. Let it dry before starting on your macramé.

Once you're finished with your macrame bracelet, make sure you tie it off properly with some sinew thread. You will then use the Katarina Bracelet tutorial to finish it off. Skip the braiding parts and just hop straight to the "Making the Bracelet" section to finish your macramé braid off with some neat ends and a button. Make sure you fasten your loop properly.

And you'll have your very own, springtime pretty bracelet!

Took my new bracelet for a walk and photo shoot in the lovely spring weather today, it really feels like spring is finally in Malta now!

It's so very good to be back to crafting and blogging! My life is finally starting to fall back on track which is such a relief. And I have some very exciting news coming up soon so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! =D

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Bia Bag - Free PDF Pattern!

I'm super happy to share my very first, real PDF pattern! It's 18 pages with over 40 color photos so it should be easy to follow for everyone, even if you're not used to reading patterns. =)

Please note the The Bia Bag pattern, while still a working pattern, is not up to the standard of my new, Pink Pony Design Patterns

Edit: This pattern is available for free download in the "files" section of my Facebook group.

I really love this bag so much! It's such a perfect size, it has a ton of pockets, inside and out as I love knowing exactly where I have my stuff. This is the new version I made while creating the pattern, it's a girly spring version in fresh linen and light blues! I think I somehow knew when I started making this pattern this fall that it'd probably be spring before I finished *lol*

The many pockets are a lifesaver for me, I don't want my handbag to be a black hole where all my stuff rides jumbled about in a crazy mix and nothing can be found. One pocket for each thing, phone, compact, pens, nail file, key loop etc. I've really optimized this bag for me and hopefully, you'll find that it fits you just as good as it fits me!

It's not big which is one of my key requirements for a bag (you know what it's like - if there's room I will fill it and kill my back lugging it all around), but I can fit all the stuff I need in it - including a pocket book - so it's perfect for me, I use mine everyday. Which is why I felt I really had to share this pattern with you all! =)

If you choose to download the pattern I'd love if you let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment here or on Craftsy. If you make a Bia Bag, I'd love if you hashtag it with #pinkponydesign and #thebiabag when sharing it on social media so I and others can find and enjoy it =)

Any and all feedback is much appreciated! <3

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sami Bracelet - The Tutorial

Here comes the long promised complete tutorial on how to make your own Sami Bracelet. In the example I'm making a four strand braid with two skin inlays but you can of course use any braid you want and feel comfortable making. Please read the entire tutorial before starting, because it's quite a few steps and some of them are easier to understand if you've read the following steps. This is the bracelet we'll be making.

Step 1 - Materials

You will need:

* Tin/Copper Thread (I generally use the 0.40 thickness)
* Leather
* Synthetic Sinew
* Nylon Thread
* Hobby Glue that dries clear
* Button 
* Thimble
* Sewing supplies such as needles, a measuring tape, cutting mat, quilt ruler and rotary cutter if you have, scissors.

All the supplies you need can be found at TNKreativt which is where I shop, they ship all over the world and their customer service is great =)

Step 2 - Making the 4 Strand Braid

You can of course make any braid you want here, I'm going to show you how to do a simple 4 strand braid with double skin inlays. How much skin and tin thread you'll need depends on how long braid you want to make and your braiding technique, but for a normal bracelet (2) ca 24" long tin threads and 2 12" long and 1/8" wide skin "threads" is usually more than enough. You can buy the skin already cut if you don't have a cutting mat as I don't recommend trying to cut them with scissors, they never come out even enough to look good.

Fold the long tin threads in half and attach them to your braiding surface with for example pins on cardboard, or like me with a safety pin in a couch pillow ;)  I've colored the strand we're moving pink to make it easier to follow.

I've started a bit down in the braid as it does look a little confusing in the beginning.
Start with the every other strand double tin threads and every other one leather. It's a very simple over under weave to do a four strand braid. Just be careful to keep your double strands flat and never crossing each other throughout. 

1. Start with the left strand (coloured pink for visibility).

2. Lift it over the closest set of tin threads.

3. Move it under the leather strip.

 4. Finally lift it over the last set of tin threads. Tighten and continue from step 1 with the double tin threads which now will be furthest to the left: over - under - over.

If you're having issues getting the braid equally tight all over, try stopping at this step and tightening it before continuing.

Step 3 - Preparing to Attach the Braid

Synthetic sinew is quite thick when you buy it and will never fit through a regular sewing needle. Therefor you need to separate it into smaller sections like you would do with embroidery floss. This can be a bit tricky, but depending on the thread it will quite naturally separate in to 3-4 strands.

Cut your leather piece for attaching the braid, myself I wanted quite a bit of leather on both sides of the thread for this so I cut mine 1 1/4" wide. You can of course make it thinner and more elegant, then double the width of your braid and add a generous 1/8"  extra and use that width. I use a rotary cutter and quilt ruler for this to get nice, even edges. Cut it the same length as the wrist circumference of the future wearer. Don't cut it shorter as then it will be very tight.

Roughly ½" from the edge on both sides, make a little cut in the center of the strip just big enough to press the braid through. Don't make it too big, it's better to have to enlarge it. As a beginner though it might be easier in the following steps if you  move the cut 3/4" in from the edge, as it will give you more room for knots in later steps.

Tie off both of the ends of your braid and cut it just 1/8 of an inch or so shorter then the leather.

Step 4 - Gluing the Braid to the Backing

We're ready to attach the braid. Insert the ends of the braid into the cut openings from the right side. Hold the leather like in the picture and dab a little glue on the back side of the braid.

Straighten it out and press the braid down onto the leather, wipe away any excess glue with a moist cloth. Make sure none of your knots are visible at the front of the bracelet, leave to dry for as long as the glue states it takes to dry.

Step 5 - Attaching the Button

Choose a pretty button that fits your bracelet, I usually prefer antler buttons for their traditional looks - but I've tried everything from plastic to pearls, just play with it, there's no right or wrong, it just have to be able to hold the loop.

Thread your needle with 1/4 of a synthetic sinew strand from the ones we separated before. You might want to use a special leather needle if you have one, but it's not necessary if you just have a good quality needle and a thimble.

In one of the tin threads on the back, insert your needle and pull the thread through and tie the end of your thread to that with at least a good double knot. Leave about 2 or so inches for a thread end, as we'll use it later.

Then bring up your needle just to the right side of your braid. Add your selected button and stick it down again just to the left of the braid. The reason we're doing it around the braid is because this way we help attach the braid to the skin to prevent it from moving, and button is attached to something more sturdy than just the skin. As otherwise the button might rip through the skin after a bit of wear. 

Repeat three or so times until it's well in place, try to use the same holes in the leather to not perforate it needlessly.

Then pull up your thread to the side of the button underneath it, and wrap the thread around the button about three times before sticking it back down to the backside of the braid, still in the same holes if possible.

Then you tighten it all and tie your thread together with the end of the one you tied to the tin with at least a good double knot.

Step 6 - Making and Attaching the Button Loop

Now we'll make the little closing loop from a leather thong. Cut a 1/8" wide and ca 4" long piece of leather.

Clip it open (I do this with my finest scissors as it's too thin to use the rotary cutter, and it doesn't have to be perfectly even) almost all the way through but leave a scant inch uncut. Then wet it thoroughly with regular tap water. Take the clipped ends and twirl them in different directions between your fingers. It is usually easiest if you ask someone to help you.

When it's twirled up really tight, grab the uncut piece, bring the two twirled ends together and it'll roll up to a little thong. Tie it off properly like I've done in the picture with a strand of synthetic sinew and make sure the loop is big enough to go around the button and has a little extra too.

Take the little loop and cut off the excess ends about 1/4" below the knot. Tie one of the ends through the tin in the braid like we did with the button (this will make sure you can't pull out the loop later). 

Tie the loop up tightly and thoroughly around the braid, tie off.

Step 7 - Sewing the Braid to the Backing

Just gluing the braid in place will not last you very long so now we'll properly attach the braid. The glue is mainly there so you can manhandle the braid a bit when sewing it down, without risking it ending up off center.

Take a fairly long piece (about three times the length of your bracelet) of clear nylon thread. Tie one end to your needle (as otherwise you'll be retreading it all the time, it's a slippery bugger ^^) and the other end to a piece of tin like with the button.

Stick up your needle where you see the nylon thread coming up in the picture and then stick down the needle in the way show in the photo. Do it at an angle in under the braid, not next to it as then the holes from the needle will show. I've drawn little black lines where I sewed mine in place. The reason I did it there was so I could nestle the thread in under the skin inlays (or if I didn't have skin inlays, in between the tin threads) to make it invisible. I do one side first and then come back up the other side.

When you've come back up, tie the threads together with the one you first tied with the tin with a bunch of knots to make sure they won't unravel. Hopefully it'll be visible in this photo.

Step 8 - Closing up the Bracelet
Now we're going to sew up the bracelet to finish!
Again, thread your needle with synthetic sinew. Tie one end to a piece of tin (yep, lots of knots there by now) and then stick up your needle from the back to the front in one corner of the braid.

Next bring it over to the other side, this will look a bit off but tighten them so the edges come together and poke a bit at the first corner to make it come up. 

Then dab a little glue on all your knots so they'll for sure stay in place forever, and then start stitching like in the photo with the glue still wet (yep needle will be gluey but it will be worth it). From the  underside and up and then back over from the underside again.

When you're nearly at the end, dab a little glue over your knots again and stitch nearly to the end.

The last stitch you do like the first one straight over and do a couple of stitches in the same place to hold it and then stick the needle into the braid and up further down between your seams and cut the thread there.

Press down on the ends of the braid to get the glue all the way down to the edges and get a neat end. Clamp your ends closed with a clothespin, wonder clip or your fingers until it's somewhat dry - to get your loop centered. If you skip the wonder clips and are in a hurry to get a nice photo of the tutorial you just finished, you'll most likely end up with an off center loop like I did! So please don't do as I do, do as I say ;)


Pat yourself on the back! You've done a fantastic job!  =D

Now you'll actually have to "wear in" your bracelet. This as the leather will be a bit unruly at first, so be careful when you put it on the first few times. Making sure the braid is in the center, and press on it a little to make sure it stays perfectly centered. After you wear it a few times it'll stay place on it's own, and you can just throw it on like any other bracelet.

Enjoy your stunning new bracelet and make many more in different colors so you can mix and match! =)

Feedback on this tutorial is much appreciated and please don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear! I truly believe you will love making your own, unique Sami Bracelets =)

If you make your own Sami Bracelet or anything from a pattern or tutorial of mine - I'd love if you add it to my Facebook Group and thereby share it with me and the world so we all can enjoy it and be inspired by it.  And don't hesitate to tag me if you post on instagram @pink_pony_design <3

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kind of a Tutorial - Fancy Folded Star Ornament

Like I said ages ago - I was going to show you how to make other things with my Moda Bakeshop Fancy Folded Star Tutorial, however work has been keeping both my hands bound lately but I managed to whip up a little ornament at least. If you haven't read or tried my Fancy Folded Star Tutorial before, I strongly suggest you read it all before you start with your ornament as I'll be referring to that tutorial a lot.

Fancy Folded Star Ornament

Simply follow the tutorial on how to make a Fancy Folded Star above, but instead of using 4 FQs  for the star we use 3, and instead if cutting (16) 3" x 4" rectangles from each FQ, we only cut (8) from each. And we replace the 10" x 10" square base from scrap fabric, with a 5" x 5", so you'll end up with this when you've drawn the lines and ironed down the fold on each of the (24) rectangles.

Then decide your layout and lay out the pieces, I placed them slightly closer together then I did for the pot holder version, but you can do as you wish there, your ornament will be smaller the tighter you place them. I wanted a fairly big one so I didn't place them too close. Pin them down, draw a link with disappearing marker and sew them down, continue all the way around for all 8 sections.

Fold them just like you do on the pot holder, stitch down the top two like we did on the pot holder, but don't stitch the last two in place, just pin it.

When all is pinned, replace your pins like this to allow you to draw a circle (I used a suitable small glass bowl with a 5" diameter to trace around) and stitch around it. Before I did this through I added a small button dressed in the sold fabric to the middle of the star and added batting and backing to get a little body in my ornament. Instead of backing fabric you could always add another Fancy Folded star to the back to make your ornament two sided and thereby suitable for the Christmas tree or a window.

After you've stitched all layers in place, cut out your circle with a scant 1/4" seam allowance to the seam, make bias binding and bind your little circle ornament. I added a small hanger fastened in the binding seam on the backside out of white rubber band.

Tada! You're done, your very own Fancy Folded Star Ornament!

If you make your own Fancy Folded Star ornament or any pattern of mine - I'd love if you add it to my flickr group and thereby share it with me and the world so we all can enjoy it and be inspired by it: Not Only Quilts - Share Your Creations <3