Sunday, February 16, 2020

Singapore Sling Bag - All Glammed Up!

I've been meaning to make a party Singapore Sling Bag for so long, like a classy looking one, without seahorses, birds or even the color pink! I finished just in time for all the Christmas parties! Yay! But the problem was, I loved it so much that I've been using it almost every day since - and I've not gotten around to photographing it! But today my newest favorite finally got its time in the spotlight and had its "glamour shots" taken =)

I love the gold hardware so much! I'll add links to where I bought it all at the bottom of the post.  Look at those flower snap hooks! And that bow turn lock! To die for!

The all over quilting makes this bag just POP! It's made using the same technique I describe in the pattern using painters tape.

In there is a little sneak peek of an upcoming card holder/tiny wallet pattern too =)

The lining is from a fabric my mother gave me a few years ago, and I just haven't had the heart to cut into it until now. This was the perfect project for it!

I just love the zipper pockets in the Singapore, fail safe making them, always stunning results and so discrete. I'm super happy with the design of them!

The Singapore Sling Bag pattern is available here in English and Swedish, and it has both inch and centimeter measurements:

Acrylic templates for making this bag is available here:

The beautiful vinyl was bought at Borlänge Sycentrum here:

The Bow turn lock I bought off eBay HERE and the pretty chain with flower detail is from Amazon HERE.

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