Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Swedish quilters association Rikstäcket's annual meeting and 30th anniversary

I had the pleasure of being invited to release a special pattern especially for the swedish quilters association Rikstäcket's 30th anniversary and annual meeting a little over a week ago. The pattern was kept secret (except for to my amazing pattern testers whom tested and then hid their bags until the release, love you all!) up until the first day of the event and only then revealed to the attendees and the world, including those whom had signed up for the "Secret Bag Class" on the Sunday.

The Beijing Bag was revealed and a special Rikstäcket 30th Anniversary Edition of the paper pattern totally sold out during the event. Thanks everyone who bought it! And I'm so sorry to those whom wasn't able too, I totally hadn't anticipated how appreciated it would be.

We ended up being 17 (!!!) people sewing the Beijing Bag on the Sunday (a few more than I normally allow in my classes) but we still had an amazing time! Such amazing students!

My awesome mother was helping me the entire weekend with the classes, and as we had brought the store with us, dad was working one floor down selling fabrics. We had a great weekend all three of us!

All fabrics, hardware and interfacing is from my parents store: Borlänge Sycentrum

Here are the beautiful, finished Beijing Bags that I managed to photograph. Sadly some were in a bit of a hurry to get home so I didn't manage to take a photo before they had already packed their bags.

Look how great they look with their lovely bags!!

But we didn't just sew Beijing Bags this weekend, we also had a Loule Bag class! In this class we were 10 people, but sadly I didn't manage to photograph all the bags finished as a few had to run and a couple had a few seams left when we had to end the class. Here are their stunning bags!! 

Thanks everyone for an AMAZING weekend!! <3

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  1. Så mycket fina väskor, och så kul att se ditt mönster i så många olika versioner Maria!

    Well done, everyone!


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