Friday, October 20, 2017

Courses at the Swedish Quilters Associations annual meeting!

I had the great honour of being invited as a teacher during Rikstäcket's annual meeting this year. It was a lovely event held in Kalmar, Sweden. I held two classes, one 6 hour class for the Denver Double Zip Bag spread over Friday and Saturday, and one 6 hour class for my Bring the Basics Bag on the Sunday. We had so much fun! We laughed so much and so many stunning bags where born!

This photo really sums up the whole weekend, we had such a WONDERFUL time!

Me explaining how to make the zipper pocket for the Bring the Basics Bag, making sure we're following along in the pattern so it's easier to remember when one gets home:

Part of the classroom with a number of my lovely students hard at work!

A pretty Denver to be during construction.

More hard working students.
A few of the pretty Denver Double Zip Bags that where made:

Therese and Tiina with their lovely Denver Double Zip Bags, two of my amazing students who's been to one of my classes before, that's the best one can hope for right, that one's students return? =)

This is how happy one can be after making a brand new handbag for oneself! Beaming Charlotte with her beautifully matching Denver!

Here's a few of the gorgeous Sunday's Bring the Basics Bag's that where made, this pattern will be re-released in a few days with the bag in 2 sizes and a brand new description and pattern!

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