Friday, November 18, 2016

Nordic Sewing and Inspirational Weekend - Post 1 of 2

I spent this past weekend in Jönköping at the biggest Sy- och Inspirationshelg in the Nordic countries. It was an honour to be invited to teach classes there and I hope my students had even half as much fun as I did! I have a ton of photos and so much to share I think I'll divide this into two posts =)

There was a lot of preparation, as half a day was removed from the Stockholm Bag class, I had to cut and interface all the bags for everyone in the class, which turned out to be a whole week of work! I'm so grateful for the help from my parents and my dear friend Ursula who also came along as my "help teacher" <3

It was a lot of fun to make the little kits for the Bring the Basics Bags, matching fabrics, zippers and zipper pulls was a blast!

Ursula drove me and Anki down to Jönköping on Friday the 11th with a very, very stuffed car, I was hidden in the back seat behind bag kits, and Husqvarna Epic sewing machine, ironing boards, cutting mats and everything else we would need for our weekend. We set up and made this cute little display table with some of the bags I've made.

The day after setup, we had a Stockholm Bag course, it was such a fun day but darn had I been nervous! I just really hoped everyone would have enough time to finish their bags. luckily everyone did a spectacular job and nearly everyone managed to finish their bags completely, some just had the topstitching left.

Everyone got a complete kit (in a cute pink baggy of course!) with all pieces ready cut, interfaced and labeled with their respective letters.

I'm so lucky to have had such fantastic students and help teacher, who's here helping to glue down handles.

Sewing interior pockets.

Sewing lining and exterior together.

And here's a few of the happy new Stockholm Bag owners with their stunning bags! <3

There were three different main "kits", one gray and turquoise as seen below, and three different faux leathers, one smooth, one pre-quilted in asymmetrical squares (like the original) and this version.

The pretty backside with a contrast zipper.

There was a green version with Tula Pink lanterns, very close to or exactly like the original depending on what faux leather it was combined with. This one had such a very cool decoration for the front and left her handles unsewn for a very cool and unique look!

And this pretty pink Tula Pink Chipper version modelled by it's owner, Ingrid Johnson, who has Husqvarnabutiken in Vimmerby. She also carries my patterns <3

I just also have to show you Ingrid and her friend Helena (who was holding classes in the room next to us), whom unknowingly to each other had sewn tops for the events in the same fabric, don't they look great!? And on Ingrid's shoulder is her gorgeous, matching Denver Double Zip Bag!

Thank you all for a fantastic Saturday! A post with photos from the Sunday is coming soon =)

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