Thursday, August 23, 2012

A cellphone case for a friend

My "prototype" cellphone case will be getting a new home with a dear friend. I made two when I made mine, the first one was unfortunately too small, forcing me to make a second, larger one to accommodate my big phone. The prototype is however the perfect iphone size so it'll hopfully be great for my friends phone. It's a bit daintier then mine and I actually really like this first version better, but what to do when your phone is to fat? ^^

And since she's just as crazy about frogs as Anki is, I couldn't help but use up a small amount of my adorable frog fabric from my previous post for her. I'll show you what I made with it after she receives it, as I want it to be a little surprise and I can't be sure she wouldn't see it here ^^


I also received an email from Jennifer the other day who had made a Charming Rag Quilt using my Moda Bakeshop Tutorial. Isn't it just lovely! Love how manly it looks while at the same time looking so snuggly! She used  3 King of the Ranch charm packs, a Texas panel and some various western fabrics she had at home to give her a total of 168 squares.

Thank you so very much Jennifer for sharing your beautiful creation with me! <3


  1. Vad roligt att någon kunde ha ditt första "försök" till sin telefon!<3 Ska bli spännande att få se vad hon fick mera sedan. Oh, vad läcker rag quilten blev.

  2. Eeeee! This is the PERFECT size for an iphone and absolutely adorable. I'll be going everywhere with me! :D And the tiny froggy purse is quite frankly, the MOST adorable thing i have ever seen ever! :D

  3. Thanks for your post! I love the frog fabric cell phone case! That's very nice of you to make it for your friend.


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