Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sewing Class - We're making a dress

Me and Tova (a friends daughter who's home schooled and I'm sewing teacher for) have been making a dress in class lately. A definite first for both of us. I'm not a fan of making clothes and she has never made clothes, not a match made in heaven maybe but it has sure made for a lot of laughs, lots of interesting discussions trying to decipher a dress pattern and lots and lots of mistakes, small and large. But luckily everything has been salvageable and we're now approaching the last stages, we need to take a it in a little and hem it in it will be finished. I couldn't be more proud of Tova, she's such a patient student and she learns so quickly!

Diana has been very helpful, making sure the pattern pieces stayed in place while Tova was cutting by laying down on the firmly. Here's Tova removing her for the 10th or so time, when you lift Diana she's like a ragdoll or blob of jelly, hence the funny, part blurred pic ^^

It wasn't at all an easy pattern she chose, lot's of ruffles and little design features.

 And the bane of min and now Tovas existence, hand sewing, it's just not fun. However, with a cute and loudly purring Diana next to you, the task is less tedious.

And we have a nearly complete dress! As you can see it's a little big so we're going to take it in a little and then hem it and voila! Finished!

This has also been great practice for me in "letting go of control" as she has to make everything on her own and I can't but tell her how to do it, something that's quite difficult for me. It has also reminded me very, very clearly about why I don't sew clothes!

While Tova has been working away I've taken the chance to straighten out my sewing area, and folding my fabric. I just have to get a design wall up (have a very clear idea of how to do that, will get back to it once I have the supplies) and get me a new ironing board and I'm back in business for real =) Here are my fusion fabrics getting a go over with the ruler.


  1. Ni har gjort ett fantastiskt bra jobb, verkligen, med tanke på ditt stora intresse för att sy kläder så är resultatet kanonbra! Sara hälsar att hon vill också ha en sådan klänning, så hon kommer till sommaren så kan ni göra en till då:))
    Kan Diana framför mig, hur hon liksom glider er ur händerna när ni försöker flytta på henne.
    Tusen kramisar
    till sömmerskorna!

  2. Thank you for sharing this dress making experience. Cats are sooo helpful! Looking forward to more posts from you!

    1. Thank you! =)
      Cats are immensely helpful with quilting *lol* Making sure you can never find the measuring tape, "holding" fabric strips, "pressing" quilts when you're quilting them etc =)

  3. Jösses vad läcker den blev! Ser att ni har bra måttningshjälp där...........

  4. What a lovely dress! Well done:)


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