Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Panic does not make for productive

I realize some of you will think me totally insane after reading the below but I'm trying to share all my quilting/crafting stuff combined with some personal tidbits here on the blog and right now, it's a major lack of spare time and stress over an unfinished project.

So, I hit what I felt as something of a low water mark the other day as a quilter. I had to let the lovely people at Moda know that my life right now doesn't permit as much quilting time as I would want (basically I would be happy for any, as I have none) and that I wouldn't be able to finish my latest project - which is a massive one - in any sort of reasonable time frame. I've been feeling so bad about this project and being unable to finish it in a timely manner that I've been unable to go to sleep from time to time lately. I hate letting people down more then anything else (apart from maybe flying). As I'd sent off the email I felt a giant weight off my shoulders and for the first time in quite some time I was able to go to sleep without panicking over a quilt. Which I realize sounds ridiculous as I technically have much bigger things to occupy my mind constantly that are work related - but this is my hobby and it means so much to me and I've felt so bad about committing to do something and then not being able to do it as I've said. I've been trying to slowly nibble away at it while waiting for stuff to upload and things like that but the stress I've been feeling has had me so on edge that every other block ended up all wonky and had to be re-sewn. And let's face it, a 10 minutes of sewing here and there won't get you very far when working on an advanced king size quilt pattern! Not enjoyable sewing in other words...

My life right now is upside down. We're in the middle of a move ourselves while we at the same time are moving both of our web games, PonyIsland and OviPets onto brand new servers and server setups (read work around the clock to get everything to run smoothly and make the transitions as seamless as possible). Which is such exciting work but there's so much stress involved. Our own move is also a happy one - we've found an absolutely adorable  little apartment that we just LOVE! It's perfect for us, it has a lovely view over a park and it has a high glass railing for the balcony so Diana will be able to join us for a glass of wine out there in the summer. =)

Our new apartment has a small room apart from our bedroom which will be used for storage and as a sewing room! I will get to have an actual room for sewing which will be great! While I loved having a sewing area in the living room for social reasons, you can't exactly leave the mess you want to be able to leave mid project when you can't close a door around it =)
Can't wait to have time to start setting it up! And I really can't wait for some spare time to actually start using it!


I also got an email today which made me really happy, it was from Jan who had made her granddaughter a beautiful Sunkissed Summer Squares quilt:

The label was just to lovely to leave out (last names I however blurred out for privacy), I got all teary eyed when I read it, so much love in this quilt!

Thank you for sharing your quilt with me Jan! <3


  1. That quilt is so fantastic! I love it! :)

  2. En sååå vacker quilt och gjort med såå mycket kärlek av mormor Janet!!
    Jag vet hur det känns....


  3. Visst är den underbar! =)


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