Saturday, May 14, 2011

My poor baby! My Horizon!

So what is it with me and killing sewing machines? :(

3 months into having my beautiful, fantastic Janome Horizon it goes and breaks on me! I was going to sew with some invisible thread, I thread the machine, tested it on a test quilt sandwich - no problems with anything, move over to the real quilt, sew 10-11 stitches and then a loud "bang" and the thread digs in. I cut loose the quilt and there I have the reason, the bobbin case holder (the plastic thing you can remove when you clean) has hopped out of place (which should really be impossible). 

I quickly unscrew the screws holding the metal plate over it and it pops up like a jack in a box from the pressure from the case. And no, the needle hadn't broken, it hadn't bent or anything, the darn thing popped out on it's own! Andreas just says he'd been waiting for something to break considering how it sounded since I got it - I thought it sounded normal if a bit louder then I thought it would?

Anyhow, now the case won't lie still (something must have gotten bent in the pop), it makes bad noises from time to time and I can only sew very, very slowly and for short amounts of time, then I have to restart. :( Which really sucks and sewing slowly and FMQ doesn't really match.

Anyhow as no one on Malta can fix these types of machines I'm hoping that someone out there reading this will have experienced the same thing and can give me a tip on what I dare to do myself adjustment wise to get the case to stay in place so I can sew somewhat for real again until the wonderful person on Janome Sweden who will be helping me with servicing on his vacations in Malta (seriously, how sweet isn't that?) can come and rescue me?

*big blue puppy eyes* Any and all help is SO appreciated! <3

"You can quilt that out"
On a happier notice, I've been listening to this hilarious quilting music video called "You can quilt that out"  that I just had to share with you all, makes everything seem a little better thinking about all these poor long arm quilters has to go through ^^


  1. Ohhhhhhhh........stackars dig :o(
    Det är så hemskt då maskinen krånglar...än värre en sådan knäck som din har fått!

    Hoppas det ordnar sig för "er".

  2. Ja det har varit en riktigt mardröm, tack och lov verkar den "självläka" så sakta allteftersom?? Den låter mycket bättre och jag kan sy mycket fortare nu än för en dag sen XD Så även om den inte är tillbaka till det normala så är den fullt användbar igen... Mycket mysko.

  3. Hej hoppas du får ordning på maskinen annars är de ju katastrof..just därför har jag 2...
    De var en härlig låt och många fina alster
    ses snart längtar


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