Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I've Been Shopping!

Even though I haven't got much time to sew lately, I've done some shopping! Always a nice substitute to prepare for future sewing ^^

Among other things this amazing Chinese pattern book for frame purses! I just can't wait to try making my first pattern. The instruction images are really clear so I think I'll be able to work out how to put everything together even if I don't understand the language =)

There are so many adorable patterns I want to try! I mean seriously, look at those amazing bags! <3

The writers webpage: http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/apple_onlyone

I also bought myself a Kona Color Card, better late then never right? Feels weird to pay  $19 for samples, but it's worth it to have an idea of what colors one has to choose from. =)

Diana is definitely a fan, wouldn't leave me alone when I tried to photograph it ^^

I also received my Stash Stack Club from Pink Castle Fabrics for October, lovely, lovely greens! My favorite has to be the swirlies second furthest to the right,  "Flumes in Citron" from Luxe in Bloom by Sarah Watson.

The gorgeous greens of October