Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm alive and I have sewn =)

My life has been nothing short of a roller coaster lately, so I've not had any time for sewing or crafting really. However, when I had to buy a new laptop, the little fellow of course needed a laptop sleeve. So when I visited my mother, one had to be created when I had the chance to borrow her sewing machine and to botanise in her many shelves of lovely fabric. =)

I really love how it turned out, while it started out as "I just have to make something to cover it with and keep it from getting scratched" ended up as something much more elaborate and fun! My mother and I made up the design together as I went along that evening, and we truly had a lovely time of it despite the fact that it was very late before I finished it. I had such a blast making it and I absolutely have to make a pattern for it when I have some spare time and am reunited with my beloved and so sorely missed Horizon again. <3

Me doing the photography, however there was no sun whatsoever for days here so the quality of the photos where really not good sadly. However, I really wanted to share this with you so they'll have to do, as I'm afraid the poor thing already has seen too much travel to hold up for a new photo session before taking a turn in the washing machine ^^

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Bia Bag is a Best Seller on Craftsy!

In my absence from all things crafty lately (not complete absence through, I have some new patterns brewing) I'm so happy and honoured to read that my Bia Bag is nr 16 on the free pattern best-seller list on Craftsy! I couldn't be more exited! =D

I'm so inspired to create more patterns and to sew, I just hope I will have time for it soon! =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stash Bee Hive #5 April Block

If I hadn't been in Stash Bee - I wouldn't have sewn anything at all this year, it's getting really bad my crafting itch! XD

This month we were creating an improvised string block for Bonnie, once I got the hang of it this block was really fun to make! I had some trouble figuring out the angles to get the fabric to line up properly after each cut (why I didn't realize it's the same as with any triangle sooner I have no idea, blame it on lack of sleep? ^^).

I wish I'd had something more fun/modern for the white on white fabric then what I ended up with. But it was all I had in the white on white department so in the end I decided to go the white on white instead of a white solid as I felt it was more fun than the solid even if not as modern as I would wish. Luckily it's so white you can't really see the design, there's just some movement in the fabric =)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stash Bee Hive #5 March Block - All Work and No Play

Work is really not permitting much in terms of free time lately so very little is happening in terms of quilting and crafting. However work is going really well, I couldn't be happier with it and I hope that soon I'll have time to get some quilting done. We've however had some blackouts coming and going and during those - since I can't work anyway - I've had time to whip up a quick tutorial for a Sami Barrette which I hope to be able to share with you all soon.

Well, I have played a little, and by that I mean little, I literally made my StashBee cat block (such an adorable block! I would have LOVED to make a whole litter!) for March in lightning speed! I'm usually not one to rush through anything but this time I had no choice. I hope Rebeckah will be happy with it anyway =)
And I'm not this late sending it, only posting it here on the blog ^^

And I've also received the blues of February from Stash Stack Club, and believe me when I say that this club has been a huge help for me in being able to make the blocks for StashBee!

The beautiful blues of February

Friday, March 28, 2014

Please Share Your Creations With Us!

I'm lucky enough to quite often get lovely emails from talented ladies and gents who's created beautiful things using my tutorials and patterns! And believe me when I say that nothing makes me happier! =D

However, with my work being like it is I nearly never have time to write up blog posts to show them off! Such a pity! Which made me realize I'd love to see all of YOUR beautiful creations from my tutorials and patterns in one place where they're shared with the world at the same time! So I created a Flickr Group solely for that purpose and it'd mean so much to me if you'd like to share your creations with me there. =)

If you've made anything from one of my patterns or tutorials, or made something inspired from one of them, please add it to the group so we all can be inspired!

Not Only Quilts - Share Your Creations Flickr Group

Allow me to present just a few of the creations I've been lucky enough to have shared with me in emails recently. =) Most recently I got an email from the talented Darlene Gardner who's made absolutely lovely Fancy Folded Stars! This pattern is so versatile, you can use it on almost anything!

Shirley made this stunning pillow with the same tutorial:

Lesley Fletcher from down under made an absolutely gorgeous bag! Wow!

Françoise made an adorable, super sweet pillow!

The quilting group Sassy Sewers made a bunch of lovely Fancy Folded Stars on their very first sewing retreat! Be sure to pop over to Grandmamas Stories and see their lovely creations!

I hope all of you and all others will do me the honor of adding your creations to the group! Thank you! <3

Friday, February 7, 2014

Stash Bee Hive #5 - February Block

So this month we're making a Feather Block for Alyson who just had a baby! Congratulations Alyson! =D

Honestly, all the bias edges in this block had me a little on edge too, I almost feared I'd have to bring out my pins! *gasp of horror* Luckily that wasn't the case and they came together nicely anyway!

It was a really fun block to make so I ended up making two, packing them this weekend and hope to have them on their way to Alyson along with a little gift on Monday =)

This months Stash Stack Club brought lovely Purples, presented to you by Diana who naturally assumed I'd laid them out so nicely on the floor as a bed for her. As you can see in the photo she was shocked when  I informed her that wasn't the case ^^

The perfect purples of January:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Bia Bag Pattern Update!

It was brought to my attention that what seam allowance to use was a little unclear in places so I've updated the pattern to clearly state what seam allowances to use where, basically 1/4" unless otherwise noted and in Step 2 use 1/2" to be able to fit the elastic later (it became a little unclear with the compressed pictures in the PDF I'm afraid). Those of you who've downloaded the pattern from Craftsy will get a email notified shortly about the updated version of the pattern. Those of you who got it before, please download the new version to clear up any seam allowance confusion =)

Someone  also wondered about the washability of the bag, I'd have to say it does depend a lot on what bag handles you chose to use and what interfacing. My first Bia Bag is machine washed about once every other month since I made it, as I use it a every day. It's actually hanging to dry as I'm writing this, once it's dry I just give it a quick going over with my iron and it's good as new ^^

I also bought a little text fabric after I realized my stash was sorely lacking it  (I just LOVE this print that I bought in each colorway from the Comma line, so darn cool! ) for use mainly in Stash Bee, as it's a popular request I've realized and I want to be ready ^^ I've also bought my first bottle of Best Press Ironing Spray which I can't wait to try, as all the spray starch they have here in Malta is terribly flaky and stinks sooo much!

This lovely bundle was made custom for me by FreshModernFabric on Etsy =)

Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm in Stash Bee! My Very First Quilting Bee!

I'm super excited and a little nervous to be a part of my very first virtual quilting bee, Stash Bee!

It's so exciting, our very first Hive Block (I'm part of Hive #5) was posted a week or so ago and I finally found time to finish it! It was a really fun block to make and I love our queen bee Sue's (of Just Sew Sue) color choices, stunning!

Here's my block, our queen bee likes Bonnie & Camille fabrics so I managed to find three red ones, the spots, the scallops and the one with the tiny flowers for this block =)

I was really hoping to find time to make more than one as it was really fun, but I had to realize work wasn't going to permit me so I've packed it up and it's going in the mail today. I've also added a little surprise to the package for her, I really hope she'll like it =)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Surrounded by Love

A few days ago, I found a tiny little package in my mailbox and when I opened it, along with a sweet note from my lovely mother, this adorable, teeny-tiny little charm pack fell out! <3

And I truly felt so lucky to be so Surrounded by Love as I am. I immediately decided that this little pile had to be turned into a Valentines Day table runner to celebrate love a little more =)

So the past few evenings I've been sitting in my couch, with this little pile of hexies next to me on the armrest growing slowly but steadily. Those of you who know me know that sewing by hand really isn't my strong suit - hence the "slowly" part, but I'm really enjoying it!  

Late last year (so before Christmas) she also sent me a new pair of quilting gloves among other things, how she knew how badly I needed new ones when not even I realized it - I'll never know! Mother's intuition? ^^ I just had a to take a comparison picture and I want to point out that the old ones were washed not that long ago! It didn't go out in the wash, eeew!

I've also received November and December Stash Stack Club bundles of course! The colors that aren't my favorites generally but there where some seriously lovely and beautiful fabrics in there. 

The outstanding oranges of November 

And the balanced browns of December

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Bia Bag - Free PDF Pattern!

I'm super happy to share my very first, real PDF pattern! It's 18 pages with over 40 color photos so it should be easy to follow for everyone, even if you're not used to reading patterns. =)

Please note the The Bia Bag pattern, while still a working pattern, is not up to the standard of my new, Pink Pony Design Patterns

Edit: This pattern is available for free download in the "files" section of my Facebook group.

I really love this bag so much! It's such a perfect size, it has a ton of pockets, inside and out as I love knowing exactly where I have my stuff. This is the new version I made while creating the pattern, it's a girly spring version in fresh linen and light blues! I think I somehow knew when I started making this pattern this fall that it'd probably be spring before I finished *lol*

The many pockets are a lifesaver for me, I don't want my handbag to be a black hole where all my stuff rides jumbled about in a crazy mix and nothing can be found. One pocket for each thing, phone, compact, pens, nail file, key loop etc. I've really optimized this bag for me and hopefully, you'll find that it fits you just as good as it fits me!

It's not big which is one of my key requirements for a bag (you know what it's like - if there's room I will fill it and kill my back lugging it all around), but I can fit all the stuff I need in it - including a pocket book - so it's perfect for me, I use mine everyday. Which is why I felt I really had to share this pattern with you all! =)

If you choose to download the pattern I'd love if you let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment here or on Craftsy. If you make a Bia Bag, I'd love if you hashtag it with #pinkponydesign and #thebiabag when sharing it on social media so I and others can find and enjoy it =)

Any and all feedback is much appreciated! <3